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Accelerate page load speed

Slow page load speeds are the bane of user experience. When faced with such a problem, most users will attempt to reload the page, often making the problem worse. A critical part of web application optimization is identifying and resolving the reason for slow page load speeds to ensure fast, streamlined page interactions.


Increase organic traffic and conversion rate

Since Google included site speed as a signal in their website search ranking and indexing algorithm, customer-facing web app performance has become a crucial SEO priority for businesses. We optimize web apps to accelerate site speed to convert organic traffic into customers.


Improve user productivity and experience

Across every industry, companies and their employees work with mission-critical applications. 
App performance can directly impact company metrics like employee productivity and speed of operations, which can lead to revenue losses or gains depending on how good and fast a tool performs.

How does it work?

Web application performance optimization improves page load speed, speed of operations and overall user experience, and identifies application inefficiencies.

Website performance optimization is about:

To identify an algorithm for performance optimization, it’s important to first understand the performance problems that modern web apps usually face:

Typical application performance problems can be related to the selected architecture type, e.g. Single Page Applications have known issues with crawlers that can’t efficiently parse dynamically rendered content which leads to SEO problems. Other types of performance problems include slow or laggy page load and interactions. They may be caused by many factors: inefficient code, outdated libraries, non-optimal algorithms, big amounts of displayed data, etc.

To address these problems, our team has a set of techniques and approaches we follow to optimize web app performance in the most efficient way possible.

Once improvements are implemented, we introduce automated performance tracking tools to continuously measure performance and prevent potential problems in the future.

Performance optimization might also include UX analysis and improvement. In this case, we audit user journeys, unify design systems and rethink how users interact with the website, in order to accelerate user operations and improve user experience.

Why performance optimization?

In today’s digital age, visually appealing web applications are not enough to please customers. App performance and user experience matters now more than ever. Providing compelling customer experiences through fast, easy-to-use web applications is now a critical component of any competitive business strategy.


We bring more than 10 years of experience in creating, modernizing, optimizing and renovating applications for Fortune-1000 companies at the enterprise scale. We have achieved a 10x speed-to-market and efficiency boost by using different optimization techniques, migrating legacy monoliths to microsites architecture, and creating applications with efficient architecture from scratch.

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