Cross-platform mobile app development

Build fast, personalized and easily-scalable mobile applications using cross-platform techniques. Reduce development costs and improve customer experience by running one application across multiple platforms.

  1. If the maximum platform coverage is important from the beginning.
  2. If there is any doubt that a promising app will succeed and it is risky to invest a large sum in its development all at once.
  3. If your focus is on launching quickly and simultaneous dynamic updates are important, or if there is a strict timeline.
  4. If you need a back office platform-independent mobile solution in short terms, without over-complicated features, and low budget.
Multiplatform mobile app development process
Retail and brands

Retailers and brands have to move quickly to optimize the mobile customer experience and increase brand awareness and make their mobile applications authentic. For many of them, cross-platform mobile application design can be the best starting point.

Finance and insurance

Banks and insurance companies lack mobile applications with good and understandable UX for their customers and need to increase overall mobile traffic. We help these companies to get the maximum advantage from the mobile application and to provide their services on the highest level.

Technology and media

From startups to enterprises, technology and media companies often focus on introducing new features to mobile applications. These companies can take advantage of the Grid Dynamics agile co-creation delivery model and our expertise in cross-platform mobile development.

We provide flexible engagement options to design and build cross-platform mobile applications. Contact us today to start with a workshop, discovery, or PoC.