quote Undoubtedly, composable commerce and AI emerge as major themes framing e-commerce technology trends for 2024. Together, they promise an ecosystem where seamless connections and tailored experiences flourish, propelling brands toward unprecedented growth. Now is the time to reinforce your partner ecosystem to unlock expertise in these technologies, transforming each trend into business opportunities and unparalleled customer engagement. Eugene Steinberg Technical Fellow, Head of Digital Commerce,
Grid Dynamics

Explore the top 6 technology trends in e-commerce that blur the line between physical and digital experiences using a MACH-based flexible business model, AI-powered personalization, and unified customer data. Download this e-book to uncover how each trend promises tailored shopping journeys for every customer, and discover actionable steps to leverage them for business growth.

A store to discover and buy clothes

Ensure a seamless e-commerce journey using MACH

E-commerce isn’t just about buying and selling anymore—it’s a complete journey covering discovery, learning, purchasing, and post-sales support. And customers today want it all seamlessly integrated online and offline. That’s why businesses must step up their game, ensuring top-notch experiences at every phase to foster customer loyalty. Composable ecosystems, driven by MACH principles—microservices, API-first, cloud-native, and headless—serve as the robust foundation, enabling flexibility and the swift delivery of modern experiences.

Delighted customers in a shop

Delight customers with rich experiences curated by AI

Composable commerce guarantees business agility, but AI integration in e-commerce transforms customer journeys into personalized experiences. With the support of composable infrastructure, machine learning and generative AI are set to revolutionize the way customers interact with online stores in 2024. From digital try-ons that allow shoppers to visualize products in real-world settings to conversational AI shopping assistants that provide tailored product recommendations, AI unlocks a plethora of experiences that delight customers, making your brand their ultimate choice.

A customer wearing yellow outfit using AI personalization

1. Keeping customers hooked with AI-powered personalization

Maximize your business potential by enabling personalized shopping experiences for every customer, revolutionizing product discovery, customer support, and product data using generative AI.

A person is testing MACH and Generative AI in for digital experince

2. Reaping the benefits of AI using composable commerce

Discover the synergy between MACH principles and generative AI that fuels innovation and agility, enabling faster speed to market and maximum ROI for your digital experiences.

Customers and shopping carts to illustrate next-gen virtual try-ons and product vizualization

3. Embracing next-gen virtual try-ons and product visualization: Generative AI vs. AR

Accelerate your purchase cycles with generative AI-powered virtual try-ons and product visualization, revolutionizing online retail, boosting sales, and promoting body positivity with stunning realism and unmatched scalability.

Two clients shopping to demonstrate interactions across channels

4. The rise of unified customer data and first-party insights

Harness real-time understanding of customer behaviors and interactions across channels to intricately map out customer journeys, and utilize AI to gain profound insights for finely-tailored experiences.

A Gen -Z client is shopping

5. Capitalizing on GenZ—the tech-savvy bunch

Effectively target Gen Z customers through rapid innovation, emphasizing community building, social commerce, diverse payment options, voice search optimization, and authenticity to cultivate lasting connections and bolster brand loyalty.

A brand that makes environmentally conscious choices

6. Facilitating a sustainable future

Minimize waste, promote eco-friendly products, ensure transparent supply chains, and empower consumers to make environmentally conscious choices, leveraging technologies such as AI, blockchain, IoT, and generative AI.

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Eugene Steinberg
Eugene Steinberg

Eugene Steinberg is the founding engineer at Grid Dynamics and the head of the Digital Commerce practice. As a Principal Architect and Consultant, Eugene has delivered some of the most extensive Grid Dynamics programs, from inception to production to maturing. Eugene has many interests, including digital commerce platforms, application of AI/ML to commerce, information retrieval, enterprise search, natural language processing, computer vision, as well as the general science & art of building scalable distributed systems. He earned a Ph.D. in Applied Math from Saratov State University.

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