Managed services

Improve your operations using a globally managed services network 

Transform IT operations with SRE and AIOps

Whether it is a green field product we built for you or an existing system that you have to modernize, we will make sure its efficient and reliable operations. We use a modern digital-native approach to managed services with techniques, such as DevOps, site reliability engineering, and AIOps.

When dealing with data and AI systems, we use DataOps and MLOps. Fortune-1000 companies who want to establish modern IT operations capabilities in-house can take advantage of our Agile co-innovation engagement model, when we augment an existing team, adopt the new culture, help acquire the right skills, while ensuring high reliability, efficiency and performance. With geographically distributed teams and years of experience working across the time zones, we will ensure follow-the-sun coverage and 24x7 support.

Bring IT operations to the digital age

Site reliability engineering

Reactive IT support is not enough to satisfy high reliability and performance requirements of modern highly distributed applications. Cloud, microservices, and big data require a proactive approach to support and autonomous operations. We mastered SRE while working with tier-1 technology companies, such as Google and Apple, and helped Fortune-1000 enterprises adopt the right culture, processes, tooling, and skills.

NOC and 24x7 support

While proactively working on SRE, we build the right teams to provide 3-tiered support 24x7. Be it dev-test environments or production, we ensure high reliability, performance, and efficiency.

Performance engineering

Fortune-1000 companies rely on us to fix performance of their customer experience of back-office systems. It can be site search, pricing engines, transaction processing systems or stream analytics—we helped companies reduce latencies and boost throughput by 10x in a matter of weeks.

Continuous efficiency

Whether it is a cloud migration or performance optimization project, fixing the problem is only the beginning. We help companies establish continuous efficiency process and onboard tooling to minimize infrastructure costs, maintain high performance, and keep fast speed‑to‑market.

AI for operations

From predictive scaling to anomaly detection, we use modern AI techniques to augment support process. AIOps helps boost productivity of SRE and NOC teams, further decreasing cost, while improving systems reliability and performance.

Testing in production

We merge the concept of continuous delivery and synthetic monitoring to achieve high availability, performance, and quality of production environments. Production testing is a modern technique that helps decrease time to market, decrease dev-test infrastructure costs, while maintaining high quality.

DataOps and MLOps

Advanced analytics requires unique approach to continuously and reliably take advantage of data and generate insights. When providing managed services for big data systems, we help companies adopt DataOps and MLOps process, tooling, and culture.

Accelerate digital transformation with end‑to‑end managed services solutions

Advanced data analytics
Data is one of the greatest enterprise assets. Manage it efficiently and get to insights faster with Grid Dynamics Analytics Platform solution. We will provision it, migrate your data to cloud, and get you to AI use cases in weeks.
Continuous delivery
Speed to market is critical in ever-changing competitive environment. We will help you deploy continuous delivery platform and manage complex microservices systems, reduce infrastructure cost, and maintain high reliability and quality.
Omni-channel commerce
Whether you are in retail, CPG, telecom, insurance, or banking, omni-channel customer experience is crucial. We will renovate your legacy systems and migrate to a modern unified commerce platform to boost conversion across channels.

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