Customer intelligence and personalization

Automatically optimize billions of micro-decisions related to customer experience, personalization, message targeting, and timing using machine learning and advanced analytics. From small business to enterprise, enhance the customer experience and achieve tangible results using real-time, personalized components.

Efficiently acquire new customers

We build state-of-the-art customer acquisition solutions by combining first- and third-party customer data, creating advanced statistical models for lead scoring, and integrating models with transactional systems, marketing automation software, and external advertising platforms. Our clients often achieve double-digit improvements in conversion rates using our customer intelligence platforms. The systems we create using big data analytics and actionable methods for decision automation not only improve customer experience but also provide your business the ability to hit your sales goals.

Retain customer and prevent churn

Our customer intelligence solutions help enterprises to manage and optimize all stages of the post-acquisition customer lifecycle. Our models for one-time buyer conversion, customer retention, and churn prevention not only help to improve targeting decisions but also provide deep insights into churn drivers, customer lifetime value profiles, customer microsegments, and much more. These customer insights are critical for building strong customer relationships, improving customer lifetime value, and achieving strong competitive advantage.

Optimize next best action

Predictive analytics models provide useful customer insights to marketing teams, but many enterprises struggle to reconcile dozens of scores and efficiently operationalize all these signals. Our prescriptive solutions take it to the next level by automatically optimizing actions and even sequences of actions based on all available information. The overall business process, even at the enterprise level, will be improved, so you can focus on management while our system focuses on customer growth.

Dynamically personalize content

Traditional marketing models rely on historical data to make future decisions, but this approach falls short in dynamic environments with steady flows of new users, products, and pieces of content. We leverage the latest achievements in reinforcement learning with real-time customer data to actively explore the environment, continuously learn, and manage various aspects of customer experience even when historical data are not available.

Personalize B2C and B2B recommendations

Our recommendation solutions work in both B2C and B2B environments because of a rich set of algorithms that accounts for content similarities, user similarities, behavioral patterns, market trends, and textual and data visualization. A wide range of recommendation and personalization models creates a strong foundation for building excellent user interfaces, improving sales metrics, and increasing customer satisfaction.
How our customer intelligence technologies work
Advanced customer scoring

Our customer intelligence platforms generate a wide range of advanced signals that help marketers focus on high level business goals related to their customers:

  • Propensities to channels and brands
  • Estimated customer lifetime value
  • Propensity to try new products, increase consumption, or churn
  • Estimated replenishment cycles

These scores and metrics can be used by enterprise business analysts or consumed by downstream enterprise systems. Top-of-the-line feature and data management systems and advanced analytics signals created by our data engineers and data scientists can improve your overall business revenue.

End-to-end decision automation

We build systems that understand top-level business objectives, and optimize marketing actions accordingly through:

  • Contextual personalization and scoring
  • Dynamic targeting and budgeting decisions
  • Campaign arbitration

These smart decision-making components can be integrated with a wide range of marketing analytics software and systems including eCommerce platforms and advertising platforms.

Dynamic optimization

Our consumer intelligence solutions use advanced machine learning methods for the online experimentation and dynamic optimization of marketing actions based on real-time feedback data:

  • Reinforcement learning
  • Multi-armed bandits
  • Learning to rank

These algorithms can efficiently handle consumer data with a large number of new users or frequently updated pieces of content. We collect all sorts of business intelligence to be used to help with the business processes, despite only customer data being used at the end.

Introduction to Algorithmic Marketing
Introduction to Algorithmic Marketing
Would you like to learn more about the theoretical foundations of customer experience optimization? We have published a 500-page book on data science that is available for free download, and there are chapters on data-driven customer acquisition, customer retention, promotion personalization, and product recommendations in it.

We provide flexible engagement options to design and build a customer intelligence and analytics solution for your enterprise. Contact us today to start with a workshop, discovery, or POC.


We offer free half-day workshops with our top experts in marketing technology and customer analytics to discuss your  customer intelligence strategy,  challenges, optimization opportunities, and industry best practices.


If you have already identified a specific use case that can be solved using data science and other customer intelligence technologies, we usually can start with a 4-8 weeks proof-of-concept project to deliver tangible results for your enterprise.


If you are in the stage of requirements analysis and strategy development, we can start with a 2-3 weeks discovery phase to identify right use cases for customer intelligence and personalization, design your solution using industry best practices, and build an implementation roadmap.