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Four ways conversational AI transforms digital experiences

Discover the future of customer engagement with Grid Dynamics’ latest white paper on Conversational AI. Unlock insights, strategies…

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Explore the top 6 technology trends in e-commerce that blur the line between physical and digital experiences using…

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Manufacturers face economic uncertainty, demand fluctuations, labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions. Our ebook “Manufacturing…

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Explore the ebook and discover how these 5 trends will empower you to embrace generative AI innovation with new multimodal data, expanding the realm of possibilities in pharma.

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Explore the top 5 technology trends in insurance to strengthen your technological foundations through data integration, artificial intelligence, and API-enabled insurance products.

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Generative AI demo video

Join Grid Dynamics CTO, VP of Technology, and Head of Generative AI as they discuss how generative AI is transforming industries through intelligent automation and data-driven insights. Watch the demo video to learn more about Grid Dynamics’ 7+ years of enterprise AI experience and discover our new and growing suite of generative AI solution offerings.

Grid Dynamics introduces a GenAI-powered Data Migration Starter Kit

Grid Dynamics extends its Analytics Platform with an LLM-powered starter kit for data migration, designed to accelerate the transition from legacy data solutions to cloud-based platforms.

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