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Grid Dynamics expands relationship with Google Cloud, serving as global partner for implementing innovative Generative AI solutions

Grid Dynamics is thrilled to announce the expansion of our partnership with Google Cloud. We will partner with Google to implement Google Cloud LLMs and Vertex AI solutions. This collaboration paves the way for even more innovative solutions and transformative projects.

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Grid Dynamics launches AI Focus Groups Starter Kit

The AI Focus Groups Starter Kit is a generative AI game-changer for quicker, more cost-effective user-generated content analysis, brand messaging, and marketing campaign optimization. Learn more about our rapidly expanding lineup of generative AI-based solutions.

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Google Cloud
Next ‘23

Join us on a journey of innovation at Google NEXT 2023. Explore the future of tech and take an exclusive deep dive into our Generative AI solutions.

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Triumphs and trials of composable commerce

Learn about the fundamental principles and benefits of composable commerce and strategies for seamless implementation and real success stories in this webinar.

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Driving business success with generative AI: Techniques for value-driven transformation

Discover how generative AI reshapes industries through its many use cases across diverse verticals in this comprehensive guide.

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Exploring the transformative impact of generative AI in manufacturing

Explore the impact of integrating generative AI into your manufacturing processes–from product development and design to factory floor processes, supply chain…

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Multimodal biomedical AI: applications and challenges in pharma, medtech, and healthcare

Discover how Multimodal AI is revolutionizing Pharma & MedTech. From personalized treatments to advanced diagnostics, unveil the…

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Analytics and ML Platform modernization: A case study

Discover how we helped a global gaming loyalty company reduce the total cost of ownership and time-to-market with new AWS-powered Analytics and ML platforms.

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Digital commerce transformation: a journey to composable architecture

Explore the future of digital commerce with MACH and composable architecture. Discover how modular, scalable, and customer…

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Generative AI for regulatory compliance in the P&C insurance industry

Don’t navigate compliance alone. Discover how generative AI and regulatory compliance come together to optimize product approval, pricing…

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Revolutionizing product visualization with Generative AI

From lightning-speed marketing visuals to game-changing online experiences, Generative AI is redefining digital commerce. Explore the revolutionary power of text-to-image and image-to-image models and their impact on content creation and product visualization.

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2023 year on the abstract background

The state of mobile app development

Our research has shown that 85% of companies think mobile apps are crucial to their strategy. But, in 2023, only 28% of them built one. In an effort to understand this divide, we spoke to seasoned industry execs. Dive deeper into our fascinating report.


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