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As the season brings a festive touch to the air, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a joyful holiday season. Inside this edition, dive into the realm of technology with the latest trends, insights from tech experts on cutting-edge industry innovations, and discover best practices for implementation. It’s your gateway to achieving sustainable and scalable technology transformation.

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Grid Dynamics earns the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization

Grid Dynamics secures the sought-after Analytics on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization, reinforcing its status as a Microsoft AI Cloud Partner, and broadening its engagement in the Microsoft Azure Innovate program to encompass enterprise analytics workloads.

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Maximizing AI’s full potential in pharma: Shifting from pilots to strategic integration

Discover how strategic AI integration transforms the pharmaceutical industry, maximizing benefits, ensuring sustainable growth, and…

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Exploring the transformative impact of generative AI in manufacturing

Explore our guide to seamlessly integrating generative AI into manufacturing processes for informed decision-making in product development…

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Wealth Management firms redefine the operating model with GenAI

Embark on a transformative journey as wealth management undergoes a fundamental shift, with an astonishing 82% anticipating a widespread…

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Breaking through the smoke & mirrors of generative AI: Practical advice & applications

Watch this engaging conversation with a leading Forrester analyst and Grid Dynamics’ Head of Digital Commerce, as they discuss the real-world challenges and opportunities of integrating generative AI into enterprises.


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From traditional to trailblazing: Generative AI’s impact on fintech software development

By embracing generative AI for legacy code modernization, fintech companies can shed the “laggard” label and revamp their innovative portfolio…

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Supercharge your composable business ecosystem with a customer support starter kit

Learn how to deliver exceptional customer support in the competitive e-commerce landscape with the help of a ‘best-for-me’ approach…

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Machine Learning for optimized campaign delivery and performance: A Yieldmo case study

Discover how our groundbreaking collaboration with Yieldmo revolutionized data-driven advertising. Dive into our latest case study…

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POCs vs Prototypes vs MVPs: Which one is right for you?

Building an app is challenging, but rebuilding it can be even tougher. That’s why early testing helps. Our comparison guide helps you figure out the best way to test your app—and how to get started.

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From insight to impact—Discovery

Napkin sketch products are cool. But they’re a myth. Crafting a great product takes effort, making product discovery crucial. Our free guide helps you plan, design, and conduct your workshop with your team. Take a closer look at the e-book.

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