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a mockup of a shorts shoe generated by generative AI

Grid Dynamics expands its generative AI solution offering

Grid Dynamics introduces the Generative AI Product Design Starter Kit, empowering retailers, brands, and manufacturers to rapidly create unique digital customer experiences using AI. This kit offers reference models and workflows for ideating, editing, and restyling consumer product designs.

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Grid Dynamics and NextSphere partnership banner

Grid Dynamics joins forces with NextSphere Technologies

Grid Dynamics expands its operations in the US and India by acquiring NextSphere Technologies, a full-service custom application development firm. The acquisition will enhance Grid Dynamics’ digital transformation capabilities across industry verticals.

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Data iku banner

Grid Dynamics and Dataiku release new Inventory Allocation Optimization solution

The new Inventory Allocation Optimization Starter Kit, developed by Grid Dynamics and powered by Dataiku, will empower global enterprises to improve supply chain operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce shipping costs and order splits.

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Grid Dynamics and AWS partnership banner

Grid Dynamics achieves AWS Migration Services Competency Partner status

AWS Migration Competency differentiates Grid Dynamics as a company you can trust to migrate applications and legacy infrastructure to AWS with proven methodologies that minimize risk and costs while increasing speed-to-market.

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The re-emergence of private cloud. A POV from Mike Dvorkin—CTO at Hedgehog.

Discover the future of private cloud and its potential to revolutionize infrastructure for applications and data processing in this insightful expert discussion. The conversation centers around the challenges posed by public cloud services, including cost complexities and unpredictable expenses, and the growing interest in private cloud alternatives. Watch the full expert discussion here.


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aerial view of 3D office building generated by AI

Augmented Reality to improve customer buying experience

Discover how we optimized a leading home organization retailer’s mobile app with a convenient AR measurement app. Say goodbye to manual space and product measurements – now you can use your mobile phone to find the perfect fit for your space, hassle-free. The results speak for themselves: increased mobile and online sales…

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3d futuristic head generated by AI

Unleash the future of finance! Dive into our whitepaper to discover the cutting-edge technologies revolutionizing the financial services industry. From AI and automation to customer 360 and cloud optimization, explore the game-changing trends that are reshaping how financial institutions operate.

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3D visual of a city

Supply chain resilience: a modular framework for sailing through disruption

Supercharge your supply chain! Learn how to achieve unrivaled resilience with a modular framework that helps you align technology with strategic goals, and manage key risk categories and optimization challenges, with a focus on ultimate value gain. Read our whitepaper to start mitigating disruption today.

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A shopping cart with products

Applications of generative AI in digital commerce

Take a pioneering deep-dive into our latest blog on the game-changing applications of generative AI in digital commerce. Discover how this cutting-edge technology is reshaping the landscape of content generation and customer experience, from product design, customization, and recontextualization, to catalog attribution, SEO metadata, personalized virtual try-ons…

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Abstract purple and red elements

React Native Barricade: Giving back to the developer community

React Native ripples with potential, but also comes with a few flaws developers find annoying. Barricade is our team’s way of giving back to an amazing community that we find so much joy in.

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3D style modern business center

Using Azure to cut processing times by 98%

Fortune 500 Builders First Source is the USA’s largest supplier of building products and prefab materials. But they took 15 minutes to generate a quote. We helped them use Azure to do it in 15…

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