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How to Hire the Best React Developers for Your Project

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React has been climbing steadily since it broke 556 million downloads per month in March 2020. Moreover, React.js offers a desirable level of flexibility and performance for building scalable solutions with interactive UIs. No wonder a growing number of companies are beginning to embrace this technology. How to choose and hire React.js developers which will take your project to the next level? What is React.js used for? What is React developer salary? We'll provide you with all the necessary information.

What is React.js?

React.js is an open-source JavaScript library developed and maintained by Facebook for building user interfaces. React.js is used for developing single-page applications(SPA) and can be combined with React Native for building native cross-platform applications.

React vs React Native

  • React.js is a JavaScript-based library whereas React Native is a framework that uses a set of mobile-tailored components brought by the React package.
  • The syntax and workflow of React.js and React Native are similar, but the execution is completely different.
  • React Native is tailored for building native mobile applications indistinguishable from the apps built with Objective-C or Java. Whereas React can be used for building web, mobile, desktop, and hybrid applications.
  • Basically, React Native uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android applications and puts them together with the help of React.js syntax to compose a rich mobile UI.

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What is the Average React Developer Salary?

The average React developer salary in the US stands at $93,025 per year or $35-$45 per hour and is one of the highest salaries among JavaScript developers. Junior React.js developers are paid $65,407 per year when the salary for senior positions grows to $108,185.

Average React.js Developer Salary in the USA

Average React.js salary Junior React.js Salary Senior React.js Salary
$93,025 $65,407 $108,185

React.js developer salary in Canada is $C65,764. In Australia, the salary for React.js developers reaches AU$79,336. In the UK, React.js developers are paid £36,700 per year. In Germany, the salary for React developers is €53,303. In the Netherlands, however, React.js developers are paid €44,996.

React.js Developer Salary by Country

Country Salary
United States $93,025
Canada $C65,764 
Australia AU$79,336
United Kingdom £36,700 
Germany €53,303 
The Netherlands €44,996 
Spain €31,847 
Austria €42,494
Belgium €42,019 
Sweden SEK469,271 
Singapore S$58,958 
Israel ILS 200,000 
New Zealand NZ$60,452 
Hong Kong HK$344,085 

The US remains a leader in terms of software developer salary rates. The average React developer salary rate in hi-tech cities such as San Francisco and New York may reach $111K and $104K per year accordingly.

Yet the demand for React.js and React Native developers grows faster than local labor markets can keep up. Thus, many companies have difficulties finding and hiring them locally.

No wonder offshore locations like Ukraine are becoming an attractive alternative for US and Western European companies looking for skilled and cost-effective engineers. The region offers a big number of software development companies, a great price/quality ratio and a decent pool of Front-end developers with expertise in React.js.

According to Linkedin, more than 10,000 React professionals work in the country’s IT sector. Moreover, you can hire a React.js developer with more experience and a wider tech stack for the same or lower budget than locally.

How to Hire React.js Developers

Check Portfolio and References

  1. Firstly, pay attention to the candidate's experience, whether he has at least two years of experience in working with React and developed various single-page applications (SPA).
  2. Secondly, it’s essential for the candidate to follow the latest trends and monitor changes in React interface. Knowledge of the latest React-based libraries and tools can be a huge benefit as well.
  3. Ask for references or try to find feedback on your candidate’s work in the community and job forums. This allows you to have a better understanding of his capabilities.

Check The Following Technical Skills any React Developer Should Have

  1. Good understanding of pure JavaScript;
  2. Experience in working with at least a couple of modern technologies such as Angular, Vue, Backbone JS, to have a clear understanding of React’s potential;
  3. Knowledge of different architectural patterns compatible with React and state managers based on the Flux approach;
  4. Background experience with adjacent technologies such as Node, Webpack, Babel, Redux, HTML5, and some of the CSS preprocessors (Styled-Components, CSS-Modules, SASS, LESS);
  5. Knowledge of Jest for test coverage;
  6. Experience with React Native;

Top Interview Questions to Hire a React.js Developer

Use our efficient 2-step interview scheme to hire React developers:

  1. An initial personal interview + optional test task (no longer than 1 hour)

  2. A follow-up technical interview

This scheme will help you evaluate the candidate's soft and hard skills as well as his ability to react quickly to changing requirements and solve common development issues.

To help you hire a React.js developer faster, use these key questions to ask during the interview:

  • What do you like most about React?
  • What's the most difficult performance issue you've ever fixed with React.js?
  • What's the difference between React and other JavaScript frameworks?
  • What can you tell about JSX?
  • Can React be used without JSX?
  • Can you describe the React component lifecycle?
  • Can you compare and contrast various React component lifecycle methods?
  • What are the stateless components in React?
  • Can you tell the difference between state and props?
  • What are the limitations of React?
  • What's the difference between Real and Virtual DOM?
  • Can you compare MVC with Flux?
  • What's the difference between pure components and general components in React?
  • How is React.js different from Angular?
  • What is the significance of keys in React?
  • How can you create an event in React?
  • Explain the difference between React’s ES6 and ES5 syntax?
  • How would you create Higher Order Components (HOC) in React?
  • Can you tell the difference between createElement and cloneElement?

Why is React.js Popular?

  • React is highly performant. React.js utilizes a powerful reconciliation algorithm called Virtual DOM which is used to compare the current page structure with the planned page structure and update the right components as soon as your data changes;
  • React is scalable. It uses a single language for server-side, client-side, and mobile applications;
  • React is stable. React.js is backward compatible, which means it changes its interface rarely or not at all.  This allows legacy projects to be upgraded to the latest version of React.js without changing the codebase or by making only a few minor tweaks;
  • React is flexible. It can be easily combined with different state managers (e.g. Flux, Redux, Reflux, or Alt) and allows the application of  various architectural patterns;
  • React is component-based. It allows the creation of encapsulated components that manage their own state and composes them to make complex UIs;
  • React is SEO-friendly. It can be processed on the server and the virtual DOM will be rendered to the browser as a regular web page.
Benefits of React.js

Benefits of React.js 

Is there a Demand for React.js Developers?

The demand for React.js developers is growing at a record pace. In total, React.js is now being used by more than 1 million websites globally. Leading brands such as Twitter, Facebook, Atlassian, Cloudflare, Glassdoor, along with Fortune 500 companies are all using React.​

most wanted frameworks libraries tools

Most Loved Frameworks, by Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019

According to HackerRank Developer Skills Report 2020, JavaScript is the most most widely known and look-for programming language, while React.js is the second most widely used framework. 

demand react.js developers vs. angular developers

Demand For React.js vs. Angular Developers

Yes, Google Trends shows that the interest in React gained traction over the last couple of years and outpaced another popular JS library - Angular.

google trends: react vs Angular popularity


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As you can see, the process of finding and hiring React.js and React Native developers can be challenging. However, considering rising offshore locations (Eastern Europe, Central Europe) and taking into account the above-mentioned information, you will experience fewer difficulties when choosing the right fit for your project.

To make this process even more efficient, you may contact our experts and they will help you find and hire React.js developers and React Native developers faster and with minimum effort.


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