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Team Augmentation – A Key to Closing the Skills Gap

The term "team augmentation" is popping up all over the web. In this article, we will explain what this hiring trend is all about, and how your business can benefit from working with team augmentation companies.

Posted Jun 30, 2023
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Why Hire a Dedicated Development Team for Your Project?

It is challenging for most organizations to keep up with emerging technologies, but with dedicated development teams they can get the expertise, focus, and flexibility needed to gain an edge over the competition.

Posted Jun 22, 2023
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2023 Tech Hiring Trends: What You Need To Know

This year presents businesses with incredible opportunities to change the workforce dynamics. Explore the key tech hiring trends in 2023 and how recruiters and organizations can equip themselves to navigate a compatitive talent market.

Posted Jun 05, 2023
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How to Hire Offshore Developers for Your Next Project?

Despite being the most valuable asset for any IT company, skilled software developers are hard to find. Outsourcing allows enterprises to tap into foreign markets and find the best tech talent for their product. 

Posted May 30, 2023
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What is Nearshore Software Development

The nearshore software development model is becoming more popular among customers who want to receive high-quality results from software engineers based in countries located within a small-time difference.

Posted May 23, 2023
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IT Talent Shortage in the Nordics

54% of companies worldwide report talent shortages, and the Nordics are no exception. The software developer shortage in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark has gone into hyperspeed. But how can the region solve the talent shortage in 2023?

Posted May 17, 2023
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Software Outsourcing to India: 4 Common Myths

India has made a name for itself on the global IT scene as the biggest hub for innovation, technology, and expertise. However, just as outsourcing to India became an industry-wide practice, a few stereotypes and misconceptions have arisen.  

Posted May 09, 2023
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DevOps – Hype or Necessity?

The competitive landscape urged many tech companies to adopt DevOps to improve the speed and quality of their software development process. But is it just another trend or a genuine necessity?

Posted Apr 28, 2023
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Is Digital Transformation Dead?

Digital transformation was once a buzzword and over time it became a cross-industry standard for forward-thinking companies. But what’s the reality of this practice today: is it still a game-changer or a passing trend?

Posted Apr 21, 2023