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Product Outsourcing: Nearshore vs Offshore

Let's take a deep dive into the world of product outsourcing and explore the pros and cons of nearshore and offshore product outsourcing.

Posted Mar 23, 2023
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IT Outsourcing to Latin America: All You Need to Know

Latin American countries are pushing to be seen as serious IT hubs by creating and expanding their technological infrastructure, promoting computer education, offering incentives for business, and supporting startup activities.

Posted Dec 12, 2022
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Tech Talent Shortage 2023: Navigate Through the Crisis

The tech talent shortage has been an issue for years. Today 4 out of 10 businesses can't keep their key employees as long as they used to because they're being lured away by other companies. But why?

Posted Nov 11, 2022
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Average Front-End Developer Salary in the World in 2022 [Updated]

See what front-end developer salaries are in the world’s largest tech hubs according to PayScale, SalaryExpert, and GlassDoor.

Posted Oct 25, 2022
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Top Trending Outsourcing Destinations for 2023

As global outsourcing leaders, China and India, age and their IT service sectors mature, tech companies started to look for alternatives. We’ve selected 8 IT hotspots that can compete with the traditional industry giants.

Posted Sep 29, 2022
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Software Developer Salaries in Western and Central Europe

Read the report to discover the latest data on software developers’ salaries and rates in 2022. 

Posted Sep 16, 2022
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From Hero to Zero: Russia’s Demise as an Outsourcing Destination

Russian IT companies developed a reputation for innovation and creative problem solving that helped them build a successful track record on the international tech scene. But the war has caused Russia’s tech ambitions to grind to a halt.

Posted Sep 01, 2022
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Advantages of choosing to outsource your software development services from Mexico.

In this article we overview the Mexican IT ecosystem and provide benefits of choosing Mexico as your next outsourcing destination for agile development. 

Posted Aug 19, 2022
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Agile POD: The Next Big Thing in Software Development Outsourcing

IT companies are striving to receive results faster, reduce costs, increase development efficiency, and introduce changes while minimizing risks. This pursuit has led to a new software engineering practice called the Agile POD delivery model.

Posted Jul 25, 2022