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Software Development Team Structure & Vital Roles

A remote software development team is more than just a software developer or two. Let's look at all the vital roles.

Posted Nov 04, 2021
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Emerging Healthcare Trends in 2022: New Vectors to Expect

Read about the latest healthcare technology trends in 2022: outsourcing, digital transformation, and more.

Posted Nov 02, 2021
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What Is the Actual Average Software Developer Salary in Ukraine?

Our team of recruiters shared the results of their research on average software developer salaries in Ukraine in 2021. Take a look at their findings.

Posted Nov 02, 2021
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What’s the Cost of Opening an Offshore Development Center? A Detailed Calculation

Setting up an offshore development center can turn into a risky, costly and mind-boggling endeavour, let alone you’re not backed up with local experts. Compare cost-per-launch of an ODC yourself versus doing the same with a trusted partner.

Posted Nov 01, 2021
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Why Outsource Web Development To Ukraine?

Web development outsourcing to Ukraine allows you to build high quality websites and apps for a better price.

Posted Oct 28, 2021
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Guide on Hiring Java Developers

World-famous companies have already recognized the benefits of hiring Java developers for building outstanding apps and websites. Check out the Java developer salary differences in the world, Java's popularity and how to hire skilled Ja...

Posted Oct 27, 2021
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What’s the Engineer Salary in Silicon Valley and Where to Hire Programmers for Lower Rates?

What is the average engineer salary in Silicon Valley? Find out what tech companies pay the highest salaries and how you can hire experienced engineers outside Silicon Valley for a reasonable remuneration.

Posted Oct 20, 2021
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Average Java Developer Salary In The US And World In 2021

If you need to hire Java developers, then check out these salary trends by experience and worldwide market trends.

Posted Oct 18, 2021
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Poland vs Ukraine: Software Development Industry Comparison

Why choose Ukraine as a software development destination? The answer is short: because Ukraine has a large tech talent pool and low employer competition. Learn more in our full review of the IT industry in Poland and Ukraine.

Posted Oct 12, 2021