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Which Country Has the Best Developers? Ukraine Ranks in the Top 5

As the tech talent population keeps growing, we decided to take a closer look at the distribution of best software developers on a country level. Keep reading to find out which country has the best developers in 2021 

Posted Jul 05, 2021
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Global Offshore Developer Rates By Country in 2021

Delve deeply into today’s offshore software development rates before hiring offshore programmers. Hourly rates vary by region, country, tech stack, skill level and experience, but you can still save 40-70% of overall costs.

Posted Jul 02, 2021
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Python Developer Salary in the US and World in 2021 | Why Is Python Programming So Popular?

In this article, we research the Python developer salary across the USA, explore the reasons behind Python’s popularity, and estimate how many Python developers are there in the world.

Posted Jul 01, 2021
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12 Reasons to Hire Ukrainian Developers for IT Outsourcing

Ukraine now boasts more than 200K IT professionals, over 36K science graduates per year, more than 4K IT companies, and 2K startups. Add the Western work ethics and the affordability of the country’s tech workforce to the mix, and you’ll...

Posted Jun 10, 2021
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How to Hire the Top 10% of Developers in Ukraine?

With a pool of 250K programmers, Ukraine has the second-largest tech talent market in Eastern Europe. Hundreds of foreign businesses hire Ukrainian developers annually. If you’re looking to join their ranks, have a read of our experience-based...

Posted Jun 07, 2021
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Top Nearshore Outsourcing Companies (for the USA and Europe)

We analyzed the core services, pricing, industries, etc. of the best nearshore software development companies to serve US and European businesses.

Posted May 25, 2021
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Challenges when Hiring Local Tech Talents in German Companies

Geographical barriers, ever-changing requirements, talent shortage, and a couple of other factors make hiring tech talents a real quest for local businesses. Read and learn how to lighten up the weight of recruitment and retention.

Posted May 20, 2021
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Why Leading Tech Companies Always Hire an Offshore QA Team For Their Projects

Find out why you need to hire an offshore testing team for your project, what type of QA testing do you need for your product, and how to hire QA engineers in Ukraine.

Posted May 20, 2021
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Hire a Software Tester With These 7 Trustworthy Websites

You can hire a software tester with Grid Dynamics, Freelancer, Toptal, and about a hundred other services. But which one will match your needs? Read about salaries, pre-screening, knowledge transfer, and talent pools of top QA freelance websites and...

Posted May 09, 2021