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Connecting you with a custom team of dedicated tech professionals
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Why Grid Dynamics?
Our experience

We’ve been building dedicated teams for 15+ years. More than half of our clients have resided in Europe, especially in the Netherlands and Germany. These days we’re taking our expertise globally.

Transparency and our custom approach

We have a simple and transparent cooperation model which allows us to provide our clients with realistic expectations on deliverables. Grid Dynamics has enough capacity to provide high-class services and exercise an individual approach with each client.

Business culture

Grid Dynamics developers are no strangers to working remotely, which is reflected in the company’s values and the way we do business. Time-tested, proven solutions for clients and developers make for a more productive workflow.

Midsize engineering provider

Grid Dynamics is a midsize agile development service provider. Our focus is on maintaining developer skill level, ensuring flawless product delivery process through providing work stations, office space & cloud operations environment. We connect companies with skilled developers, deploy result-driven teams and optimize their SDLC through proven business solutions.


The value that Grid Dynamics developers bring to Widget Brain is that they are always ready to deliver high-quality, on-time solutions and help us to scale when we need.

Reinier Meerwaldt
CTO, Widget Brain
Ready to work with us?
4 steps to hire software developers
1. Tell us your needs

Share your business needs, team structure, technology expertise, and salary expectations with us. Based on that, we prescreen and shortlist the best-fitting candidates and pass them on to you.

2. Interview and hire engineers

You personally interview candidates, taking as much time as you need to conduct interviews using your preferred methods.

3. Start working

You manage new hires directly and focus on your core role, while we handle everything relating to office and administrative hassle and ensure a comfortable working environment for your remote team members.

4. Ongoing support

You receive a dedicated HR/Client Manager on the Grid Dynamics side, so we are always here to help with any questions and proactively solve any requests you might have.

Ready to work with us?
Why Go With A Custom Software Development Team?
Diverse tech expertise

We have access to the top 10% of engineering talent and have built over 1000 products for Fortune-500 companies.

Consistent teams

We sustain our talent through technical training (internal educational programs) and can provide additional talent if any unexpected situations happen–continuous work and delivery is our main goal.

All-round support

We provide HR services, offices and management for your team in one of the major tech hubs of Central and Eastern Europe or the Americas so they can work diligently from the get-go.

Emerging technologies

A custom software development team delivers quality experiences all while working in the cloud, cutting maintenance costs and enabling opportunities for further development.


We can help you get a custom development team with the option of easy scaling. Our CI/CD pipelines will help get you to development and reduce time-to-market up to 50%.

Budget optimization

Outsourcing development with a custom engineering team means less onboarding & recruiting costs all while benefiting from Grid Dynamics delivery practices.

About Grid Dynamics

Grid Dynamics is a digital-native technology services provider that accelerates growth and bolsters competitive advantage for Fortune 1000 companies. The company has 15+ years of experience in digital transformation and software innovation, most notably open source cloud-native programs.

Our clients have the option of choosing the engagement model which best suits their requirements, including team extension, dedicated teams, pod teams, and remote development centers. Grid Dynamics has offices in the US, Ukraine, Mexico, Serbia, Poland and Moldova, meaning that we have the resources to cater to the needs of companies of any size, no matter where they are located.