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Build your development team in weeks, not months

Create a remote development team of high-end engineers from scratch or find tech professionals to strengthen your in-house team with Grid Dynamics.

In the long run partnering with Grid Dynamics is much easier and less expensive than hiring locally. Just share your requirements with us and our experts will come up with a team of pre-screened engineers that best suits your project specifications.

Why you need to hire remote developers

Talent shortage

It’s hard to hire programmers locally as you have to compete for high-quality talent with large tech companies.

Lack of expertise

You can’t find tech specialists with a specific skill set critical for your product’s success.

Quick kick-off

You are looking for a flexible model that allows for fast team deployment, scalability, and low risk.

Cost optimization

You need to reduce development costs while keeping the quality of work at the same level.

Talent accessibility

You want to increase your in-house team capacity by sourcing top talent from all over the world.

Administrative hassle

You don’t have the time and means to deal with the administrative and legal aspects of setting up an in-house team.

Services we provide

Abstract lines

Team extension

Expand your team to conform to the current project scope and stage. Add seasoned tech professionals to boost the capabilities of your in-house development unit.

Members of experienced software development team

Managed POD team

Delegate your product development, while focusing on priorities and results, rather than managing individuals.

A team of experienced software developers working in an office

Remote development center

Move your software development operations to the desired location and enjoy working with top-notch developers

A software developer is working with the code

Dedicated team

Build a remote development team and work with your software engineers using the tools and methods you know and love.

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