Infrastructure-as-code starter kit

Grid Dynamics has built and published a cloud-native starter kit on AWS Marketplace that accelerates the development and deployment of a modernized Analytics Platform. With infrastructure-as-code architecture, initial platform provisioning is reduced from weeks to days, and deployment automation vastly simplifies and speeds up the adoption of business-specific use cases.

Adopt leading DataOps practices

Develop a brand new platform or extend your existing analytics platform with DataOps practices to achieve continuous delivery. Leverage cloud-native tools in AWS for sophisticated batch and streaming data pipelines, reporting, data governance, data quality, pipeline orchestration, data catalog and data lineage information.

Modular Analytics Platform

Our Analytics Platform Starter Kit for AWS comes with a modular architecture that enables you to provision exactly what you need when you need it. For example, if you only need a data lake and not a data warehouse, you can provision the data lake now, and if your priorities change, you can easily provision a data warehouse later on. 

The platform starter kit leverages Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce) for distributed compute, with S3 as primary data storage, Redshift as data warehouse, Athena as a self service tool for data investigation, and CloudFormation for deployment automation. 

Use Cases

Build an Analytics Platform from scratch

Upgrade an existing Analytics Platform

Improve engineering culture

Migrate to the cloud

Introduce data quality & data governance

Adopt DataOps best practices


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IoT & Manufacturing

More advanced IoT technologies means the generation and collection of massive amounts of data in real time. With insight into what is happening in the greater business ecosystem on a minute-by-minute basis, manufacturers are empowered to detect and fix anomalies, predict maintenance schedules, assess the total life cycle of their equipment, respond to production and supply chain disruptions, and prepare for potential crises in the future.

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High conversion, profitability and inventory turns are not possible without deep insight into customer, product, inventory and supply chain data. An Analytics Platform on AWS helps retailers and brands take full advantage of their data assets, resulting in increased conversions through customer personalization, optimized inventory and supply chain management and millions of dollars in incremental revenue through real-time offers.

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Ad tech

Data is the main corporate asset for many technology and media companies. Whether it comes from customers or IoT devices, data should be efficiently and securely captured, managed, and made available for consumption. High performance, scalability and data quality are paramount in these cases – all made possible with an Analytics Platform on AWS.

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Financial service

Financial services are inherently data-driven organizations. Valuable data-driven insights enable forward-thinking finance and insurance enterprises to differentiate themselves from competitors, continuously delight their customers, capitalize on opportunities for cross-selling and upselling, and unify the data ecosystem for improved process efficiency and increased revenues.

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An Analytics Platform empowers healthcare and pharma companies to establish AI productization infrastructures that support research and development, patient analytics, commercial operations, and IoT. Leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies rely on analytics to improve patient compliance and engagement, drug trial planning and execution, supply chain optimization, customer/patient personalization, advanced decision support tools, and more.

Benefits of an Analytics Platform in the cloud


With Infrastructure-as-a-code, you get to focus on building business-critical applications, not on infrastructure provisioning and management.

Managed environment

Fully managed by AWS CloudFormation and AWS services, infrastructure provisioning takes days, not months.

Reduced operational costs

The Analytics Platform’s scalability and modular architecture enables flexible extension of new capabilities such as data quality or data catalog.

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    Analytics Platform Starter Kit for AWS

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