Engineering and IT

Accelerate digital transformation in your company by raising productivity of the digital team with DevOps best practices and flexible cloud infrastructure.

We help technology leaders plan and execute large modernization programs and improve the efficiency of engineering processes:

  • Reduce costs and improve agility using cloud solutions
  • Replatform legacy applications to open source
  • Improve the speed of delivery using microservice platforms
  • Improve operations using AI4Ops technologies
  • Implement advanced DevOps, MLOPs, and DataOps capabilities
  • Establish product-centric culture in the organization
  • Digital organization

    Successful digital transformation is impossible without a highly productive team and a culture of continuous innovation. The gap from traditional IT organizations to digital teams is vast. The journey includes moving from functional silos to service-oriented organizations, where each team is a distributed cross-functional pod that uses product mindset to deliver features in customer experience, operational efficiency, data, insights, and infrastructure.

    We help Fortune-1000 enterprises augment existing digital teams and inject digital-native culture, product mindset, Agile and DevOps mentality, and top engineering talent to transform and innovate.

  • DevOps process and culture

    Each team within the successful digital organization is a highly productive pod that has all necessary skills and uses Agile and DevOps best practices to experiment, identify, develop, and deliver functionality at a fast pace without sacrificing quality and reliability. Agile and DevOps culture is in our DNA, and we help companies increase their delivery speeds to the market by a factor of 10: with continuous delivery processes using the highest-class tools and techniques.

  • Cloud infrastructure

    Cloud has become a new standard for global enterprises. To truly embrace the cloud, companies have to change the mindset of how they structure the delivery teams as well as design, deploy, and operate applications. We help Fortune-1000 companies move to the cloud while modernizing their applications and data analytics, improving change management and support. While moving to the cloud, we establish continuous efficiency practices and processes to ensure that cloud costs stay under control and that companies use the cloud to the fullest extent.

  • World-class talent

    Digital transformation requires new skills. For many companies, digital talent with the right culture and skills becomes the biggest bottleneck. By having engineering centers in the technology hubs in the US, Central, and Eastern Europe, we can afford to attract the top 10% of engineers from the market. With GridU educational programs, our engineers stay up to date with modern technologies. Our deep expertise in distributed engineering allows us to quickly assemble and scale the teams.

Fortune-1000 companies rely on us to transform their engineering and IT organizations by adopting a high-productivity digital culture and talent.

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