AI productivity use cases

Provide quality support to customers with AI-powered features

Transform support operations

Use AI to improve productivity with state-of-the-art call centers and support systems that are able to provide intelligent advice and guidance to external and internal users. We also develop smart tools for support operators that improve performance and quality of customer service.


Accelerate marketing content creation

Leverage domain- and industry-specific generative AI productivity tools to generate personalized product descriptions, creative product titles, product attributes, SEO metadata, and product images for e-commerce. By automating data stewardship operations, you improve content quality and enable granular content personalization.

AI productivity for product content and visualization in e-commerce
Generative AI productivity interface to ask questions about legal, procurement, and sales documents

Analyze, review, and generate contracts

Generative AI provides unparalleled capabilities for document analysis and summarization. With domain-specific AI productivity solutions, you can harness this power to optimize and accelerate legal, procurement, and sales operations.


Generate and answer RFPs

Automate procurement and sales processes with specialized generative AI tools and large language models for request for proposal (RFP) creation and processing. These tools enable you to reduce operational costs, and gain competitive advantage through faster, more accurate and comprehensive requests and responses.

Generate and answer proposals and contracts with a Generative AI productivity tool
Get answers to complex questions about cloud, DevOps, and software engineering

Transform IT and development processes

Generative AI helps to improve a wide range of IT processes from Cloud FinOps to unit test writing. Leverage our extensive expertise in cloud, DevOps, and software engineering to transform your development processes and tooling into a GenAI powerhouse.

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