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AI technology analyzes user generated content to answer questions

Analyze user-generated content like never before

AI-based focus groups enable you to analyze user-generated content through engagements with virtual personas powered by large language models, just as you would with customers in a traditional focus group. These personas summarize the main points expressed by real customers in reviews, social media posts, and comments; answer specific questions; and provide recommendations grounded in the actual user-generated data. 


Get advice on your marketing communications

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing communications, advertising campaigns and brand awareness efforts through recommendations from AI focus group personas. The feedback provided by these personas is based on the actual user-generated content collected from different media sources.

Artificial intelligence powered virtual personas provide marketing recommendations
Improve your products and services through online focus group recommendations

Get product improvement advice

The conversational interface provided by the starter kit enables you to ask virtual AI personas about strengths, weaknesses, and potential improvements for your products and services. The recommendations provided by the personas are based on real user-generated content extracted from large language models. 


Get feedback on your social media posts before publishing them

Optimize your social media posts and other marketing messages through feedback from virtual personas that closely match the behavior and sentiment of your actual audience. This helps to fine-tune your messaging strategy and connect with your customers.

Discover audience preferences to optimize messaging
Predict how well your media campaigns will perform based on your messaging strategy

Predict how well your media campaigns will be received

Forecast the expected number of likes, comments, and other interactions based on the message and content of your media campaigns. The predictions are based on the feedback of the AI focus groups that are trained on your media data, and enable you to experiment with messaging to improve results.

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How it works

User-generated content is collected and analyzed to create virtual personas powered by large language models, with which you can engage and get recommendations from
Content collection and user segmentations

The kit includes reference pipelines for collecting user generated content from standard media sources and automatically identifying typical personas that represent common behavioral segments.

Virtual personas

The user-generated content is used to instantiate virtual personal backend by large language models (LLMs). The personas incorporate the interested, needs, sentiment, and ideas expressed in the content by real users.  

Analytics application

The kit provides a user interface for interacting with personas, asking questions about the brand and products, getting feedbacks on social media posts, and forecasting campaign performance.

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