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Allocate inventory to meet demand


Allocate inventory to meet demand

Get prescriptive guidance on how your inventory should be allocated across warehouses, distribution centers, and stores to meet forecasted demand and account for uncertainties.


Manage multiple warehouses, carriers, and products

Designed for multi-region, multi-market, and multi-carrier environments with complex capacity constraint and shipping cost structures, you can manage inventory across your entire supply chain ecosystem.

Managing multiple warehouses, carriers, and products
Order splits prevention


Prevent order splits

Prevent order splits and minimize shipping costs by optimizing inventory allocation according to machine-learned insights about item sets that are frequently purchased together.


Get deep insight into optimization results

Leverage comprehensive visualization and what-if analysis capabilities to interpret optimization results and evaluate alternative scenarios.

Inventory optimization results analysis
Dataiku сustomized inventory optimization solution


Extend and customize

Jointly developed by Grid Dynamics and Dataiku, the starter kit leverages the powerful AI and ML capabilities of the Dataiku platform. The solution is implemented as a workflow where each step can be customized or extended to accommodate your business requirements.


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How the Inventory Allocation Optimization Starter Kit works

How the inventory allocation optimization starter kit works


The solution can incorporate procurement costs, storage capacities, network topology, shipping costs, and expected demand levels as inputs for optimization.


The workflow outputs the recommended inventory allocation levels for each facility. Each recommendation can be readily operationalized and includes comprehensive diagnostic information.


Our latest innovations in inventory optimization

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