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Leonard LivschitzChief Executive Officer and Director
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Dynamic Talks: Ideas, Insights & Inspiration Episode #1: Enterprise Security – Identity is the new perimeter
Cybersecurity is now a board-level discussion and the topics covered in this video show how to fortify your business. Learn about the shortcomings of MFA and how identity, leveraging biometrics and artificial intelligence, is the new perimeter.
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Composable commerce
trends for luxury
Read about the top trends that luxury retailers are implementing to maintain their competitive advantage and stand…
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Anomaly detection in industrial IoT data using Google Vertex AI: A reference notebook
Learn about IoT data analytics challenges associated with system health monitoring and how to resolve them…
Grid Dynamics and selfologi win MACH Alliance Award for Best Health/Pharma Project
Working closely with its partners and the selfologi team, Grid Dynamics leveraged a composable commerce MACH architecture…
Overcoming key challenges to achieve success with digital transformation
Read this Forbes article to learn more about what Rajeev Sharma, Grid Dynamics’ CTO considers to be key challenges and key…
Quality 4.0: reimagining AI
and quality control
automation for smart

November 1st | 10am PDT
2023 Predictions and
for digital
transformation and

November 9th | 10am PDT
Reimagining resilience: supply chain optimization for smart manufacturing
Reimagining resilience: supply chain optimization for smart manufacturing
Whether it’s a pandemic, war, or climate change – there will always be some crises that impact not only manufacturer supply chains but also their customers around the world. Get prepared for whatever comes your way. Read more about keys to supply chain resilience.

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