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Quality 4.0: reimagining AI and quality control automation for smart manufacturing

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Reimagine quality control automation with AI

About this event

Unplanned downtime and product defects are expensive. It costs industrial manufacturers approximately $50 billion annually, and for industries across the board, it is one of the largest causes of lost productivity and revenue. The old way of doing business – a reactive process where manufacturers make repairs as equipment fails – does not work. 

To overcome these challenges, leading manufacturers are using AI-powered Industry 4.0 tools for anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and visual inspection to optimize production, prevent downtime and save maintenance costs. How are they doing it?

Join AWS and Grid Dynamics on November 1st to learn:

  • How and why leading manufacturing companies are leveraging quality control automation, and the results they have achieved.
  • The latest quality control automation capabilities offered by AWS.
  • How native AWS capabilities can be extended on a smart manufacturing platform for best-in-class quality control automation.


Topics include

Advanced data quality control
and more...

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