Energy and utility

We are an innovation partner of the leading banks, fintech, and insurance companies. We help our clients create omni-channel digital experience platforms, data processing and machine learning solutions, and knowledge management systems. 

What we do for energy and utility companies

Failure detection and prevention

We help companies collect sensor data from equipment and vehicles in near real time, detect and predict failures, and automatically generate reports that facilitate root cause analysis.

Remote operations analytics

Our analytics solutions help companies to better understand and optimize their operations. We achieve this by stitching together IoT data, maintenance records, and other signals, creating comprehensive analytics reports and dashboards, and using machine learning models to detect anomalies.

Fleet management

The efficiency of vehicle or vessel fleet management is a major concern for many energy and fuel distribution companies. We help companies build scheduling and route optimization components, monitor operations using IoT data, and detect issues in the early stages using machine learning techniques.

Our energy and utility clients


Demand forecasting

We help energy and utility companies optimize their production and distribution operations using state-of-the-art forecasting models that account for historical patterns, a wide range of external signals, and overestimation and underestimation costs to produce accurate and actionable estimates.

Data platforms and MLOps

Data management and the MLOps infrastructure represent the foundation of data-driven decision making and operations optimization. We build end-to-end data platforms for our energy and utility clients to enable comprehensive reporting, advanced analytics, and rapid prototyping and productization of AI/ML solutions.

We provide flexible engagement options to design and build digital transformation solutions for your enterprise.


We offer free half-day workshops with our top experts to discuss your challenges, potential areas of improvement, and industry best practices.

Proof of concept

If you have already identified a specific use case that needs to be solved, we usually can start with a 4-8 weeks proof-of-concept project to deliver tangible results and business value.


If you are in the stage of requirements analysis and strategy development, we can start with a 2-3 weeks discovery phase to identify right use cases, design your solution using industry best practices, and build an implementation roadmap.