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Continuous Delivery Blueprint
Continuous Delivery Blueprint
This book is a comprehensive guide to building a robust and efficient change management process at scale.

Reward loyal customers: comprehensive guide to loyalty programs

The modern world is rapidly changing every day, bringing new levels of complexity and new challenges. This means both customers and retailers are continually making adjustments to their behaviors to meet changing desires, expectations, and environments. At the same time, the market has never been so competitive due to the vast number of convenient and seamless online shopping experiences on offer.

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Designing point based loyalty programs that work
Take a look under the hood of point-based loyalty programs to see how rewards calculations work, how they’re performed, and how they affect customer journey.
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Boosting product discovery with semantic search
Semantic search is a set of information retrieval techniques to deal with complexities and ambiguities of human language. Online retailers have to deal with those complexities in product discovery to boost relevance and drive conversion.
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Unified commerce: making the most of a true omnichannel experience
For retailers having stores and an online presence can be a competitive advantage but only with a unified commerce or a true omnichannel shopping experience.
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