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Turn data Into insights faster with Grid Dynamics analytical data platform accelerator on AWS Cloud

In the world of data business struggles to get insights faster. Analytical data platform accelerator helps turning data into insights.

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From data lake to analytical data platform
Analytical data platform accelerator and how it can help building modern data platform coming with orchestrated batch and streaming data pipelines, data quality, data governance and integration with ML platform.
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5 steps to Implementing a successful DataOps practice
In the world of data, the industry invented the term DataOps, which takes Agile and DevOps principles and applies them to data engineering, science, and analytics. Post will focus on the technology enablers that facilitate DataOps implementation.
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Why you need data quality automation to make data-driven decisions with confidence
Data quality trust is hard to get and easy to lose. In this blog, we review causes of data corruption, how to set confidence levels, and data quality goals.
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