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A member of Scala development team

Sander Nijssen


Thenewmotion logo
Project The New Motion Innovative startup, charging solutions for drivers of electric vehicles (EV) and EV-charge locations.
Location Keizersgracht 585, 1017 DR Amsterdam The Netherlands
Website https://newmotion.com/en
Team size 8 Developers

This case study reveals the two reasons behind a Dutch startup’s decision to hire Scala developer in Ukraine.

Previously we did look into some Indian companies offering similar services but eventually decided to choose for Grid Dynamics based on the positive feedback from my friend. He was very enthusiastic about this partnership and worked with Grid Dynamics for several years.

“If we compare the costs of what we pay Grid Dynamics and what we would be pay to a Dutch developer. I would say that Grid Dynamics is about 25%–30% cheaper.”

Why Grid Dynamics

There are two main reasons why we decided to look at the remote solution. One is the lack of availability of good developers in Holland and the fact that the few who are really good, tend to be very expensive. If we compare the costs of what we pay Grid Dynamics and what we would be pay to a Dutch developer. I would say that Grid Dynamics is about 25%–30% cheaper.

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