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Boost conversions and attract and retain customers with an engaging loyalty program. Untap marketing productivity and the efficiency of your customer support agents by using a business portal.

How does our customer loyalty platform work?

Customer loyalty engagement may be different for different companies but there are some key commonalities. Besides the fact that customers expect a rich set of digital loyalty capabilities enhanced with gamification, loyalty platforms should have enough flexibility and variability to engage with the customer at any point in their shopping experience. They also need to have easy-to-understand rules around earning points and using rewards, while protecting companies from loyalty fraud. The final piece of the puzzle is to provide a rich marketing user experience and efficient customer support portals.

How does our customer loyalty platform work?

To provide a high-quality customer experience, we design loyalty platforms to be tightly integrated with the rest of the digital customer experience platform, a customer 360 platform, and an analytics ecosystem. We focus on making the loyalty experience reflect the specifics of each company, relying on composable commerce and unified commerce design principles. Microservices architecture and bespoke functionality enable efficient integration, high data quality, and real-time business intelligence and reporting, while the cloud deployment model facilitates high speed to market, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Customer Channel Engagement Points Rewards & tiers
While traditional retailers may have only one type of customer, companies with mixed B2B and B2C business models may need to support other customer profiles such as office buyers or distribution companies. Modern loyalty platforms should support engagement options other than just placing orders. These options may include reacting to campaigns, inviting friends, sharing on social media, writing reviews, and buying for companies. Omnichannel engagement requires a seamless customer experience across digital and offline channels including web, conversational, chatbots, mobile apps, stores, branches, and customer support agents. Correct calculation of points and rewards is crucial for the best customer experience. At the same time, companies should be protected from loyalty fraud via the accurate calculation of rewards. While some companies may stick with a basic tier and reward structure, others may want to rethink it completely. An example of this functionality may be joining points and rewards into virtual “dollars” that customers can spend on future purchases.


Compelling digital customer loyalty programs are critical for modern businesses, from retail and restaurants to CPGs, banking, and insurance. The fast pace of technology development and the wider competitive environment necessitate great flexibility and high speed of innovation. Grid Dynamics brings years of experience in building loyalty platforms that accelerate innovation and increase customer lifetime value.

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