Oracle ATG replatforming

Power your growth with a modern unified commerce platform. Implement true omnichannel customer experience and innovate with composable commerce, cloud infrastructure, headless, and microservices architecture.

How do we approach migration and modernization?

Relying on years of experience in designing and building modern unified commerce platforms, as well as migrating top retailers from ATG, we developed four key principles for our replatforming strategy.

How do we approach migration and modernization?

Relying on the cloud, microservices architecture, and composable commerce, we ensure future-proof architecture and establish a robust platform for ongoing innovation and choosing the best tools to provide a differentiating customer experience.

While smaller companies with more straightforward requirements may want to consider migrating all capabilities in one go, larger retailers with highly customized Oracle ATG deployment may prefer an incremental renovation approach, using a “strangling the monolith” replatforming strategy. In this approach, we evaluate the current ecosystem and select capabilities that will provide the biggest business benefits. Many companies would prefer to start with modernizing the web UI and mobile apps as the most differentiating customer-facing components. This usually leads to the creation of an API layer and effective migration to a headless commerce architecture. After the digital channel interfaces are remodeled, the back-end services can be modernized. Some companies may prefer to start with search, others with pricing or checkout. This decision should be aligned with the business priorities and unique positioning and differentiation of the company.

In the end, the goal is to migrate to a unified commerce platform. Microservices architecture allows choosing the best providers for specific capabilities and enables high speed of innovation. Cloud-native technologies ensure seamless deployment at any modern cloud provider, while one codebase guarantees a consistent customer experience across the channels. For retailers with a large number of locations, the platform supports deployment at the edge for best performance in stores and reliability in case of internet connection failures.


Over the past 10 years, we have helped seven Fortune-1000 retailers and brands migrate from Oracle ATG platforms to implement unified and composable commerce platforms. During migration, we modernized the customer experience and moved from a monolithic architecture to adopt the headless and microservices architecture. We’ve helped our clients achieve $10B+ in annual sales, boosting conversion by over 20 percent by building engaging web interfaces, highly-rated mobile apps, conversational commerce, AI-powered semantic search, dynamic pricing, real-time promotions, customer loyalty, and other capabilities.

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A frictionless customer experience across channels is crucial for any company in the commerce space. Nowadays it is a widely accepted fact that Oracle has abandoned ATG commerce. It doesn’t scale to omnichannel use cases, lacks modern functionality, doesn’t support cloud deployment, is difficult to customize, and has a hefty license fee. Most retailers recognized the need to migrate from Oracle ATG and implement a cloud-native unified commerce platform that would follow composable commerce and microservices design principles.

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We provide flexible engagement options to migrate from Oracle ATG to a unified commerce platform without disrupting the customer experience or your goals. While replatforming, we focus on modernizing the digital customer experience to enable growth and increase conversion. Clients take advantage of our starter kits and blueprints to increase their speed to market and reduce risk. Contact us today to start with a workshop, discovery, or to implement an end-to-end migration.

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