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IoT Platform use cases


Create edge and cloud IoT platforms

Benefit from a seamless platform that collects data from IoT sensors, processes data in the cloud, leverages ML models and intelligent services that can be deployed on the edge, and monitors all components in real-time. This platform provides a solid foundation for delivering applied  IoT and smart manufacturing use cases.


Collect and analyze data from connected devices

Never miss a beat or a data insight by collecting and processing data from multiple consumer and industrial connected devices such as vehicles, wearable devices, consumer electronics, and more. 


Reduce the cost of quality control

Optimize quality control with rule-based and AI components for detecting anomalies and defects based on numerical IoT metrics, images, and videos. We help clients create quality control solutions in the most efficient way by combining cloud-native services and custom ML models.


Reduce maintenance costs and risks

Significantly reduce the cost of equipment maintenance, and the risk of failure with AI-powered predictive maintenance methods. Deployed on the IoT platform, the solution includes data collection, modeling, and monitoring components.


Improve production efficiency

Leverage the power of sight and foresight with a combination of computer vision and physical simulations to improve the efficiency of production processes, reduce waste, and improve quality.

Our clients

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IoT Platform Starter Kits for AWS and GCP

Our AWS and GCP platform starter kits include data collection and processing components, edge deployment automation, model development tools, and example ML models to accelerate the provision of complete platforms in days, rather than months. The starter kits are engineered for each cloud platform and leverage the cloud-native services in the most optimal ways.

How the IoT Platform works

Edge and connectivity

The platform includes MQTT integrations, CI/CD pipelines for deploying services and models on the edge, and observability components for monitoring.

Cloud services

The collected data are streamed to the cloud where they are pre-processed, validated, labeled, and used for building operational dashboards, reports, and ML models.

Advanced analytics

We created, and continuously extend, a large library of models for anomaly detection, visual quality control, and predictive maintenance use cases. These models use state-of-the-art ML methods and algorithms developed specifically for IoT scenarios.

Our latest innovations in IoT Analytics

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