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Grid Dynamics & Google Cloud Platform

Through our strategic partnership with GCP, Grid Dynamics provides businesses with flexible and scalable solutions to drive digital value in the cloud.

Google Cloud Partnership specializations

Core Google Cloud offerings

Accelerate the development of IoT analytics solutions in Google Cloud
Grid Dynamics and Google teamed up to create a starter kit for industrial IoT analytics using Vertex AI platform. The solution is designed to reliably evaluate system health and detect anomalies in a large number of IoT metrics received from multiple sensors and machines.
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Google Cloud Discovery Solutions Starter Kit
Grid Dynamics’ search integration experts teamed up with Google Cloud to develop a starter kit to simplify and accelerate the integration of Google Cloud Retail Search, Recommendations AI and Vision AI for forward-thinking retailers.
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Pricing Optimization Starter Kit for Google Cloud
Grid Dynamics and Google Cloud teamed up to create an AI-based Pricing Optimization Starter Kit to take the guesswork out of pricing and promotion decisions.
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Create a Churn Prevention Solution in Google Cloud
Grid Dynamics and Google teamed up to create a starter kit for churn analytics and prevention.
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Our expertise (47)

Google Cloud Analytics
As-is eCommerce app migration
Industrial Goods & Manufacturing
Google Cloud App Dev & Monitoring
Cloud Foundry Migration
Industrial Goods & Manufacturing
Retail & Wholesale
Small & Medium Business
Cloud Natives
Financial Services
Google Cloud Analytics
Google Cloud App Dev & Monitoring
Google Cloud Compute
Google Cloud Databases
Google Cloud ML & ML APIs
Google Cloud Networking
Google Cloud Storage & Delivery
Open Source Technology
Amazon AWS
Vertex AI
Google Cloud Identity & Security
As-is eCommerce app migration
Cloud Foundry Migration
Cloud Native app development
Custom-built app migration
eCommerce app modernization
Improve software delivery pipeline
Mobile application development
New eCommerce app development
Data archival
Disaster recovery
VM Migration
Enterprise Databases Migration
MySQL/postgre SQL migration
Data integrations
Data Lake Modernization
Data processing
Data Warehouse Modernization
Looker Embedded Analytics
Marketing science
Marketing technology
Streaming Data Analytics
CCI Integration
Contact Center Intelligence
Conversational Design
Visual intelligence
Work transformation
Discovery solution
Application Security
Protection & Privacy
Identity & device management

News & Insights

Accelerate integration of Google Cloud Retail Search
Consumer demand for personalized digital shopping experiences. Gain an advantage with Google Cloud personalized product discovery, and visual search.
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Building a Visual Quality Control solution in Google Cloud using Vertex AI
In this blog post, we consider the problem of defect detection in packages on assembly and sorting lines.
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