Micro frontends application development

Redesign existing and create new custom enterprise-size applications with the modern technology stack and right architecture quickly and painlessly with our expertise and skills.

Micro frontends development process

The application creation journey starts with analyzing business goals, problems, requirements, and the technology stack. 
The process includes splitting the application into logically separated parts - they will become individual micro frontends with a particular business task and each independent team will be responsible for each micro frontend piece. The priorities of migration/implementation of each micro frontend and the algorithm of the temporary coexistence with the legacy system (if needed) are defined from the very beginning. It allows you to create the target architecture, estimate the total level of effort required and finalize the roadmap.

Micro frontends development process

Micro frontends architecture

During the first phases of implementation, we usually create a platform that includes a boilerplate for micro frontends, shell application as an entry point to the system, and shared components library to be used by all the micro frontend services. Each micro frontend will be a Single Page Application (SPA) and will have its own rendering service that will help to improve the SEO optimization of the pages.
One more important thing here is the deployment process. Each micro frontend, shell application, and shared components library has independent automated deployment and lifecycle management and is owned by a separate team of engineers.

Micro frontends architecture


We bring more than 10 years of experience in creating, modernizing, and renovating applications for Fortune-1000 companies at the enterprise scale. We have achieved a 10x speed to market and efficiency increase by migrating legacy monoliths to micro frontends architecture, creating applications with efficient architecture from scratch, and implementing open-source-based cloud-native technologies that support thousands of developers working across thousands of apps and services.

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