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Emerging technology engineering

Gain a competitive advantage through early adoption of new technologies.

Access to experienced engineers in emerging technologies is hard

Grid Dynamics excels at hiring, training, growing, managing, and retaining specialists in emerging technologies and making them available to clients on demand. We do that by building delivery centers in the cities with the highest number of top technical universities and rich traditions of math, science and innovation. We hire the top 10% of technical talent. Nearly 100% of our staff has advanced degrees.

Every year we deliver hundreds of courses in emerging technologies to our engineers using Grid University, our unique learning platform. Through our deep relationships with top local universities, forged over years of collaboration, and specialized recruiting programs, we can scale the hiring and staffing of new engineering teams to support complex technical programs faster than anyone in the industry.

Rapid prototyping with Lean Labs

Many companies struggle to foster innovation within their existing teams. The challenge is usually cultural—how to marry the need for experimentation, freedom to "fail fast" and a creative license to throw away the "old ways of doing things" with compliance to corporate standards and security practices. Grid Dynamics has a service offering that helps companies try fresh ideas quickly outside of the corporate bureaucracy before bringing them in-house for productization once they have proved to be successful.

We call this program Lean Labs, and it works like this: a dedicated, self-sufficient team staffed by Grid Dynamics engineers works on a customer problem with the client's subject matter experts. The team moves fast, uses the latest technologies, and aims to solve the business use case to demonstrate measurable value to the business stakeholders. The project takes anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks and costs under $200K.

Cross-Functional Team
Cross-Functional Team
We bring all the technical staff, user experience designers and product management required to complete the project beginning to end.
Goal-Oriented Project
Goal-Oriented Project
The team focuses on a singular goal with clear success criteria and time/budget parameters. Lean Labs are often delivered as fixed-price contracts.
Fast Business Impact
Fast Business Impact
Lean Lab is meant to prove a concept that can be turned into a production pilot very quickly. The team provides productization support once the idea proved its viability to the business.

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How rapid prototyping works

Emerging technology center

Digital transformation requires new technology partnerships and Agile co-innovation

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Case studies

Personalizing in-game experience using reinforcement learning

- Personalize in-game experience
- Reduce model development effort
- Increase long-term engagement / LTV
Grid Dynamics' solution
- Reinforcement learning based personalization platform
- MVP delivered in 8 weeks

Up to 25% dollar-per-user improvement compared with the baselines

Price optimization for video games using machine learning

- Optimize promotions across many channels and countries 
- Forecast the demand 24-month ahead
- Properly handle new game releases
Grid Dynamics' solution
- Demand forecasting models
- What-if analysis tools for promotion scenarios
- MVP delivered in 6 weeks

- Manual process replaced by data-driven optimization
- Increased promotion efficiency compared with the baselines

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