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Accelerate solution implementation time by up to 60% and significantly cut infrastructure and CTO costs from day one

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Generative AI
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Generative AI Product Design Starter Kit
Create, edit and render product designs in the blink of an eye with a collection of text-to-image, and image-to-image generative AI tools
AI Focus Groups Starter Kit
Leverage AI focus groups to analyze user-generated content, identify brand messaging, product and service improvements, and predict media campaign performance.
Open SourceOpen Source
Intelligent Document Processing Starter Kit
Intelligent document processing, powered by generative AI, revolutionizes efficiency: from rapid analysis, insights extraction and compliance validation to automated form population and refined RFP responses.
Open SourceOpen Source
Generative AI Product Data Starter Kit
Transform your product data into a compelling narrative that attracts and retains customers. Elevate your marketing efforts, reduce costs, and drive growth with Generative AI.
Composable Commerce
commercetools Composable Commerce Starter Kit
Accelerate the integration of a commercetools composable commerce platform for optimized business flexibility and differentiated customer experience.
Google Product Discovery Starter Kit for commercetools
Accelerate the integration of Google Cloud Discovery Solutions into your commercetools platform for the smoothest and fastest upgrade of search experience across all channels.
Google Cloud Discovery Solutions Starter Kit
Accelerate integration of the Google suite of retail discovery solutions: Google Cloud Retail Search, Recommendations AI, Vision AI.
AWS OpenSearch Starter Kit
Combine a decade of experience in search and product discovery solutions with AWS OpenSearch Service capabilities to build a comprehensive in-house search solution.
Neural Vector Search Starter Kit
Accelerate the integration of an in-house or Lucidworks semantic vector search platform to provide deeply personalized, relevant search results.
Lucidworks Semantic Query Parsing Starter Kit
Accelerate the integration of an end-to-end semantic query parsing solution based on the Lucidworks Fusion search platform.
Open SourceOpen Source
Visual Search Starter Kit
Accelerate the integration of visual search into your search platform to enrich the product discovery journey with AI-powered visual similarity models.
Open SourceOpen Source
Smart Autosuggest Starter Kit
Accelerate the integration of smart autosuggest into your search platform to streamline customer search journeys.
Conversational AI
Open SourceOpen Source
Conversational Commerce Starter Kit
Accelerate the integration of a digital shopping assistant into your commerce platform for advanced customer self-service capabilities.
Loyalty Platform Starter Kit
Accelerate the integration of an omnichannel loyalty platform to build and manage custom loyalty campaigns, promotions, and incentives in minutes.
Augmented Reality
Open SourceOpen Source
Augmented Reality for Digital Commerce Starter Kit
Deliver immersive customer experiences that enable customers to interact with your brand and products in new and innovative ways.
Smart Manufacturing and IoT Analytics
Industrial IoT Analytics Starter Kit for GCP
Accelerate the development of IoT analytics solutions in Google Cloud for cost-effective defect detection, anomaly classification, remaining useful life estimation, and predictive maintenance.
IoT Platform Starter Kit
Accelerate the development of IoT analytics and smart manufacturing solutions with a platform that provides data collection, processing, and edge deployment capabilities out of the box.
Visual Quality Control Starter Kit
Accelerate the development of a full-fledged visual quality control solution, including custom video preprocessing, anomaly scoring, and decision-making steps.
Commercial Operations Optimization
Open SourceOpen Source
Next Best Action Starter Kit for Commercial Pharma
Build an AI- and ML-powered next best action recommendation system to empower commercial pharma reps to streamline sales and marketing efforts and engage optimally with customers.
Analytics Platform
Analytics Platform Starter Kit for GCP
Build a production-ready, modern analytics platform within weeks on Google Cloud. Focus on business value first, while leveraging GCP managed services, lower infrastructure costs, and speed-to-market.
Analytics Platform Starter Kit for AWS
Build a production-ready, modern analytics platform within weeks on AWS cloud. Improve data accessibility and quality, increase speed to insights, and achieve significant ROI.
Machine Learning Platform
Machine Learning Platform Starter Kit for Google Cloud
Build a modern ML Platform on Google Cloud in weeks, introduce new technical features and advanced ML models, reduce time-to-market, and adopt MLOps best practices.
Machine Learning Platform Starter Kit for AWS
Enable rapid provisioning of an ML Platform on AWS, with a CI/CD framework, sample models for reference, and experiments tracking.
Microservices Platform
Pivotal Cloud Foundry to Amazon EKS Starter Kit
Enable rapid migration from Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) to AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) with a battle-proven microservices blueprint and AWS cloud-native components and services.
Pivotal Cloud Foundry to Microsoft AKS Starter Kit
Adopt cloud and microservices with confidence by migrating from Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) to Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), backed by fully-managed and cost-effective Azure services.
UI Engineering
Open SourceOpen Source
UI Engineering Starter Kit
Create immersive, compelling and easy-to-use web applications with clean code, accelerated time-to-market, reduced development costs, and scalable system efficiency.
Open SourceOpen Source
Performance Optimization Starter Kit
Deliver downright delightful UX, rank high in search, and optimize overall system performance efficiency.
Open SourceOpen Source
Micro Frontends Architecture Starter Kit
Redesign or create new enterprise-size applications with modern technology stacks and robust architecture.
Open SourceOpen Source
Cross-platform Mobile Solution Starter Kit
Build fast, personalized cross-platform mobile apps. Reduce development costs and improve customer experience.
Supply Chain And Inventory Management
Open SourceOpen Source
Supply Chain Optimization Starter Kit
Optimize hundreds of supply chain and pricing parameters using artificial intelligence, predictive models, and simulations.
Inventory Allocation Optimization Starter Kit
Minimize shipping costs, order splits, and out-of-stock events by optimally allocating inventory across multiple warehouses, distribution centers, or stores.
Pricing Optimization
Pricing Optimization Starter Kit for Google Cloud
Leverage Google Cloud’s state-of-the-art AutoML capabilities, data processing, model development, and model management services to simplify the development and automation of pricing optimization.
Pricing Optimization Starter Kit for Microsoft Azure
Benefit from Microsoft Azure’s built-in capabilities for easy data exploration, automatic preprocessing, and intelligent feature engineering using deep neural networks to improve pricing optimization.
Customer Experience Personalization
Churn Analytics Starter Kit for Google Cloud
Identify churners, and quantify the level of risk and expected time to churn for every individual to devise personalized churn treatment strategies.
Open SourceOpen Source
Next Best Action Starter Kit
Improve long-term customer engagement and lifetime value with AI/ML models and decision engines to create a personalized communication strategy for each customer.

Our strategic partners

Data and ML platforms have become increasingly important for fintech and insurance companies with wider adoption of robotic process automation and data-driven decision-making. We help financial and insurance companies create scalable data processing pipelines, data lakes, model deployment pipelines, and data quality solutions that accelerate AI transformation.
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Google Cloud Partnership
Grid Dynamics has a long history of migrating Fortune 500 clients to Google’s Cloud Platform. Now Grid Dynamics has teamed up with Google Cloud to accelerate cloud adoption for legacy application migration, Big Data platforms and ML models on GCP. We leverage our experience, blueprints and accelerators to build advanced applications on Google Cloud Platform for our clients.
Learn more
Grid Dynamics is a certified Microsoft Cloud partner. As a systems integrator we support the growth of Microsoft Bing for Commerce solutions based on advanced semantic vector search technology, powered by deep learning.
Learn more
Lucidworks search solutions continuously interpret interactions and intent across channels, connecting customers and employees with the relevant, real-time results that they’ve come to expect wherever (and however) they engage with modern brands.
Learn more
Commercetools is the world’s leading commerce platform built on modern MACH principles (Microservices support, API first, Cloud native and Headless), allowing you to work with, not around, your commerce solution and tailor user experiences to the exact needs of your business and its customers.
Learn more
Snowflake’s founders built a data platform from scratch that would harness the immense power of the cloud. But their vision didn’t stop there. They engineered Snowflake to power the Data Cloud, where thousands of organizations have seamless access to explore, share, and unlock the true value of their data.
Grid Dynamics is a certified Dataiku partner. Grid Dynamics specialized in implementing advanced AI/ML solutions on top of the Dataiku platform, including models driving fraud detection, customer churn prevention, predictive maintenance, supply chain optimization, and much more. Dataiku is one of the world’s leading AI and machine learning platforms, supporting agility in organizations’ data efforts via collaborative, elastic, and responsible AI, all at an enterprise scale.
Grid Dynamics partners with Algolia to create fast, instant, and relevant search and discovery experiences, while also enabling clients to predict a visitor's intent on their digital platform.
Broadleaf Commerce was founded in 2009. Over the years, we have earned the trust of leading brands like O’Reilly Auto Parts, Major League Baseball, ICON Fitness, and Telefonica.
Grid Dynamics has helped a number of Fortune-500 companies achieve 10x reduction of time to market by modernizing applications, migrating to cloud and microservices, and onboarding DevOps best practices. We partnered with to implement Continuous Delivery from code commit to production deployments for traditional and microservices applications across cloud and datacenter environments. The CI/CD platform from simplifies the implementation of the Continuous Delivery process and reduces the time and effort to implement best of breed DevOps best practices.
Evinced spent the last couple of decades buried deep in enterprise infrastructure software. Recently, the company became aware of the field of accessibility due to Section 508 requirements. After observing their R&D teams struggle with making the company's software accessible, they started wondering why writing accessible code couldn’t just be a natural part of software development.
Grid Dynamics is well known for its world-class highly scalable data platform implementations. We partner with for real-time data streaming and in-stream processing. was founded to help enterprises simplify their application development and transform data operations by making data work for teams and not the other way around. By enabling teams to monitor, investigate, secure and deploy on their data platform, organizations can take data technologies into a single, secure data experience. In doing so, they’ve been able to shift their focus to more data-driven business outcomes.
Fluent Commerce
Fluent Commerce is the cloud-native order and inventory management platform that lets you completely customize your business processes.
Sitecore creates human connections between brands and their customers with rich end-to-end content, seamless commerce, and always-on personalization so brands can thrive in a world where, without a digital experience, there is no product.
Mirakl platform scales your digital commerce with product availability and convenience. Optimize your online marketplace performance and experience.
Grid Dynamics partners with Databricks to help clients unify their data, analytics and AI on one simple, powerful platform. With this solution, we enable clients to streamline data ingesting and management, derive new insights from complete data, and accelerate ML and team productively. Our Starter Kits for AI/ML enhanced Pricing & Promotion, Supply Chain, and Customer 360 Personalization allow our clients realize business value more quickly, creating competitive advantages in their markets.
Our mission is to make Contentstack indispensable for organizations to tell their stories and to connect with the people they care about through inspiring, modern experiences.
Grid Dynamics partners with Cloudinary to help our clients deliver fast and flawless visual experiences at scale. Cloudinary's artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and advanced patent pending image and processing capabilities enable clients to simplify what has historically been a massive media headache.

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