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Five years of software development service for Pricena

Launched in 2013, Pricena is now a leading price comparison website which allows online shoppers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait, Nigeria, and South Africa to make informed purchasing decisions. Pricena provides full information on the prices, product specs, shipping charges, delivery times, warranty, and return policies. In the UAE alone, the website’s product search offers as many as 14.1 million items from 138 stores.


Back in 2016, we faced the need to develop iOS and Android mobile apps. We wanted someone who would continuously work on a product, take responsibility, provide good code, and be always available when we need to communicate with them. 

When it comes to app development, there are a lot of crashes and emergencies possible, so we needed someone responsible enough who could fix them immediately. 

Our cooperation with a freelancer was not successful and we decided to hire dedicated developers who’d work on full-time basis. This is where Grid Dynamics came along. 

Solution provided by Grid Dynamics

Having no app at all, we spent three years building our apps with a mobile app developer from Grid Dynamics and we completed this goal successfully. We’ve also hired a full-stack developer through Grid Dynamics to help us with the web version of Pricena.

Pavlo — our current offshore developer with Grid Dynamics — is building the functionality to feed files from our partner stores.

Value delivered

I’ve had a reliable partner in building a product that I needed for my company. 

In terms of technical skills, we were able to find people with the required skill sets, but we were not able to afford them. And this is where Grid Dynamics helped us.

I’m a technical person working directly with Grid Dynamics developers, so I can evaluate the code and confirm that the quality provided by Grid Dynamics developers is really good. And when it comes to communication, it’s also great. 

Why Grid Dynamics?

I used to work with agencies before I started Pricena, and I’d worked with guys from Grid Dynamics at one of them. They were very proficient, always there, always on time.

I had a great experience with Grid Dynamics through that agency, I knew I could trust Grid Dynamics and the quality they provided was high. So, when I founded Pricena and needed someone full time, I immediately thought about Grid Dynamics. 

When we got our first interview with Grid Dynamics in 2016, I started getting a lot of emails from similar companies saying that they could help me with my development team and projects. 

“Honestly, I never looked closer at these companies. I’d had great experience with Grid Dynamics before. I have a great experience with Grid Dynamics now, and I don’t want to change anything. I’m happy with Grid Dynamics. I’m not looking into other options.”

What do you find the most impressive about Grid Dynamics?

You guys are really reliable. We had a PHP developer for three productive years, and at some point, he wanted to change. I respected that. I personally couldn’t stay in one company for more than three years.

Grid Dynamics was really fast to find a replacement who could quickly take over the job. There was almost no gap in between. It’s been a year already that we’re working with Pavlo, our new developer with Grid Dynamics, and I’m very satisfied with him.

How do you evaluate your experience in working with offshore teams?

With Grid Dynamics, it’s a little bit different. It’s not that kind of job where I have to worry if I’m going to get high quality, or if I’ll lose my money because I’m not deeply involved in the project implementation and not sure what results to expect. 

It’s not our story as we’ve never faced such issues. We’ve had a good team provided by Grid Dynamics, and the support we get is very good. You’ve helped us with any issues that may have arisen from having a team that is working remotely, like some minor communication issues or misalignments. However, the support we’ve been getting along the way has always helped to minimize them. I can always get in touch with Anna, our HR/Client Manager, and it’s easy to reach any of you at Grid Dynamics.

“Cooperation with Grid Dynamics has made our work life smooth.”

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    Case Study: Five years of software development service for Pricena

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