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We were arguably the first cloud consultancy company in the industry. We have helped tech companies build their first cloud offerings. We have enabled big retailers to go digital. We have automated DevOps pipelines before it was cool.

We have designed some of the industry’s earliest and most ambitious e-commerce platforms, search engines, data lakes, real-time analytics systems and machine learning applications on the cloud.

As a pure play digital transformation enablement specialist, we provide the full spectrum of consulting services to help executives in charge of digital transformation define an ambitious, yet achievable roadmap, quantify business value attained through new technology, select the right technology stack, develop reference architecture and guide the transformational journey every step of the way.

Areas of Expertise


Scalable, fault-tolerant, and automated platforms for application development, deployment, and data processing are a foundation of efficient operations and creation of great products and services. We offer decades of experiences in designing and building such platforms for Fortune 500 companies at extreme scale, as well as creating turn-key solutions for smaller companies.


We have designed and created e-commerce platforms, search engines, inventory management, and marketing technology ecosystems for many leading retail, high-tech, finance, and manufacturing companies. We bring in this industry expertise and engineering knowledge to help business and technology leaders plan out mission-critical programs with confidence.


We helped many Fortune 500 companies to bridge the gap between data and efficient operations using data science, econometrics, quantitative methods, and mathematical optimization. We have industry-leading expertise and capabilities in optimizing marketing, pricing, and supply chain operations using machine learning and AI.

How it works


Contact us to discuss the scope and
initiate the project


We provide free workshops with our experts where the current situation, challenges, and objectives can be discussed.

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We prepare a consulting proposal based on the objectives and scope discussed in the workshop. We also put together right resources needed for the engagement:

  • Lead strategist. Most of our leads have 15+ years of industry experience, deep technical expertise, and proven track of record of running large enterprise programs.
  • Supporting experts. All our projects are backed by a global network of thousands of business and technology experts the engagement leads can consult with.
  • Blueprints and case studies. Engagement leads have access to our extensive proprietary database of case studies and blueprints.

Our consultants work according to the engagement plan, which can include client SMEs interviewing, technical documentation reviews, and hands-on system and data analysis.

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We produce high-quality documentation that includes the assessment results, recommendations backed by proven case studies and best practices, and future roadmaps. We also help our stakeholders to start prototyping and productizing of the strategy.

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Technology consulting

Our technology expertise spans over all major
enterprise domains and functions.

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Application development

Improve operational efficiency with smart and lightweight applications

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Cloud & DevOps

Strengthen the relationship between development and IT operations

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Big data

Effectively store and process all business insights

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Data Science and ML

Optimize enterprise operations with mathematical precision

Green control indicators

UI & Mobile

Perfecting the interaction between human and machine

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Connect users with your products and data

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High application quality and fast development are no longer mutually exclusive

Digital transformation consulting

We help technology, marketing, analytics, information and operations leaders to take
their companies and organizations to the next level.

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Marketing technology

Transform your marketing operations and improve your products and customer experiences using data-driven process automation and decision optimization.

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Digital customer experience

Create advanced omni-channel digital experience platforms using the best open source and proprietary technologies.

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Data and analytics

Incorporate advanced analytics, data science, and AI throughout your enterprise using cloud data platforms.

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Engineering and IT

Accelerate digital transformation in your company by raising productivity of the digital team with DevOps best practices and flexible cloud infrastructure.

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Operational management

Transform your supply chain and manufacturing operations using cloud, IoT, data, and AI.

Our clients

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Case study

The graphics below shows the scope of the revenue management ecosystem we designed and later implemented for a leading manufacturing company. Our revenue management and data science experts mapped out the revenue management processes for the entire organization which comprised multiple business units and teams, planned out the process changes, and designed technology components needed to support the transformation. The solution eventually delivered multi-million profit improvements, as well as reduced operational costs.
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  • Financial targets analysis
  • Price strategy differentiation
  • Competitive pricing analysis
  • Price floors
  • Minimum advertised price
  • Client segmentation
    Product intelligence
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  • Market response modeling
  • Demand decomposition
  • Promotion optimization
  • Category optimization
  • Promotion recommendations
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  • Dynamic pricing
  • Constrained optimization
  • Offer personalization
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Experimentation
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  • Actual vs planned
  • Demand decomposition
  • ROI calculations

Digital transformation requires new technology partnerships and Agile co-innovation

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What we do

Grid Dynamics provides a full range of digital transformation services including consulting, analytics and engineering

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