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Develop a detailed roadmap toward your new capabilities.

We have exceptional track of record in designing and delivering innovative mission-critical solutions for Fortune 500 companies. We have successfully delivered hundreds of projects in areas such as cloud migration, digital experience, and data science.

Most of these projects involved emerging technology engineering; many of them were done at a large scale involving hundreds of people, hundreds of systems, and petabytes of data; and many of them delivered multi-million business impact.

This extensive portfolio enables us to confidently perform assessments and create detailed technical designs in very short timeframes even for the most challenging problems.

Partnership with Grid Dynamics provides you with access to the global network or experienced architects and analysts, and an extensive database of blueprints and best practices that we have been developing for more than a decade.

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Competition, business growth, and continuous changes in technology maintain replatforming of legacy solutions in the priority lists of most business and technology executives.

We have done many replatforming projects related to e-commerce systems, MarTech, data warehouses, and cloud infrastructures for Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses, and have an extensive catalog of blueprints and cases studies for common migration scenarios and products.

In particular, we have industry-leading expertise in replacing proprietary and on-prem systems with open source and cloud solutions.

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High tech

largest US retailers


largest US technology companies


world’s largest consumer goods companies


largest US financial companies

Technology solutions

Our technology expertise spans over all major
enterprise domains and functions.

Application development

Improve operational efficiency with smart and lightweight applications

Cloud & DevOps

Strengthen the relationship between development and IT operations

Big data

Effectively store and process all business insights

Data Science & AI

Optimize enterprise operations with mathematical precision

UI & Mobile

Perfecting the interaction between human and machine


Move off black-box platforms


Connect users with your products and data


High application quality and fast development are no longer mutually exclusive

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Business solutions

We help technology, marketing, analytics, and operations leaders to take
their companies and organizations to the next level.

Marketing technology

Transform your marketing operations and improve your products and customer experiences using data-driven process automation and decision optimization.

Digital customer experience

Create advanced omni-channel digital experience platforms using the best open source and proprietary technologies.

Data and analytics

Incorporate advanced analytics, data science, and AI throughout your enterprise using cloud data platforms.

Engineering and IT

Accelerate digital transformation in your company by raising productivity of the digital team with DevOps best practices and flexible cloud infrastructure.

Operational management

Transform your supply chain and manufacturing operations using cloud, IoT,
data, and AI.

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Grid Dynamics provides a full range of digital transformation services including consulting, analytics and engineering