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Cutting-edge composable commerce for captivating customer experiences

The stakes have never been higher for digital commerce brands to meet consumer demand for personalized experiences across multiple channels. The caveat? There is no single platform that is able to provide best-in-class capabilities across all aspects of customer experience. The solution? Composable commerce.

Composable commerce enables businesses to select best-of-breed commerce components from different third-party vendors and weave them together – or compose them – into a custom application for specific business purposes.

In order to get maximum ROI, faster speed to market and optimal value out of your composable commerce journey, you need a trusted partner with deep composable commerce expertise, optimized integration methodologies and best-in-class technology experience.

With Grid Dynamics, you’ll be creating downright delightful customer experiences, from discovery to delivery and beyond, faster than you ever thought possible.

Composable commerce features

improvements in conversion rates


Composable commerce solutions for the world’s largest retailers

We have designed and implemented numerous composable commerce solutions for leading retailers and brands. Our customers enjoy double-digit improvements in click-through-rates and order conversion rates.


MACH Alliance partners

As MACH Alliance partners, we are thought leaders and experts in the realm of modern MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) approaches to implementing composable commerce platforms. This means that your composable commerce platform is fast, flexible, scalable and primed for future change and growth.

microservices architecture


Achieve enterprise flexibility

Microservices architecture breaks down a monolithic back-end platform into pluggable services with well-defined API contracts that enable flexible, granular change management. It increases organizational agility and enables a DevOps culture for continuous integration, continuous delivery and innovation at scale.


Integrate first-class business capabilities

You decide how to grow your business, we help you choose the best tools and technology to get the job done. We integratebest-in-class digital commerce solutions as “packaged business capabilities” or PBCs.Based on your specific business priorities, we integrate the best-suited 3rd party vendor solutions or implement in-house solutions as groups of microservices. Design the ideal customer experience by selecting the best vendors for every point on the buying journey.

packaged business capabilities

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Augment the shopping experience with headless commerce

Headless architecture decouples the UI from the platform, and the platform from the back-office through an API, allowing for ultimate flexibility, agile delivery, and differentiation in customer experience. Independently and quickly modify any element of the shopping experience on the frontend – from product discovery, recommendations, loyalty, checkout, POS or delivery – so you’re always ahead of what the consumer wants.

headless architecture API
cloud capabilities


Leverage cloud capabilities

With cloud computing comes greater flexibility, elasticity, scalability, automation and reduced operating costs. With a host of cloud-native services, solutions, security and support, you’ll never look back.


Boost speed-to-market

With composable commerce, you can run A/B tests or launch voice and AI experiments in days, optimize the customer journey in an hour, release a new promotion in a day or add a new channel in a week. What’s more, your TCO running costs will decrease significantly right from the start.

boost speed to market
Google Cloud Product Discovery with commercetools


Leverage Google Cloud Product Discovery with commercetools

Our Google Cloud Discovery Starter Kit for commercetools helps achieve the smoothest and fastest upgrade of search experience across all channels, integrated with your commercetools platform.

We provide all the necessary analysis, customizations, performance and relevance tuning to help retailers connect customers with products they love.


Grow at scale with Grid Dynamics and commercetools

With our composable commerce starter kit for commercetools, we help you build a digital commerce solution, following the composable commerce MACH approach, with best-in-class technology, to maximize ROI, grow at scale, change at will, and compose unforgettable shopping experiences as fast as you need for any channel.

composable commerce starter kit for commercetools

Composable commerce business value

Composable commerce opens up a whole new world of opportunities for unrivaled competitive advantage, compelling customer experiences, rapid response to consumer demand, mastery of every area of business with superlative technology solutions, and the flexibility to adapt and grow at scale.

composable commerce business value benefits
Accelerate implementation of composable commerce with Grid Dynamics

Based on our experience from large-scale digital commerce implementations for Fortune-500 enterprises, following the MACH approach, we can boost composable commerce speed-to-market with by 10X.


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Composable commerce

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