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Break the monolith

Over the years, most enterprise applications have grown into large monoliths, which are difficult to maintain, slow to change, and expensive to maintain. One of the top reasons for application modernization is to increase speed to market, foster DevOps culture, and enable innovation. By breaking the monolith or gradually strangling it, enterprises can achieve these goals and migrate to microservices architecture without disrupting operations.


Migrate to the cloud

Most companies have recognized the value of the cloud. The benefits it brings are diverse and include high scalability, increased reliability, fast speed to market, and flexible cost models. But migrating legacy applications using a lift-and-shift approach often doesn’t bring the desired outcomes. To fully recognize the benefits of the cloud, the technology stack, deployment models, and continuous delivery process need to be modernized.


Reduce infrastructure cost

While many benefits of cloud infrastructure can be recognized without using containers, adopting container-based deployment amplifies the value of the cloud. Modernizing application packaging and embracing kubernetes-based platforms with service mesh reduces infrastructure costs by 30 percent, increases the speed of the continuous delivery process, and improves developers’ productivity.


Increase speed to market

It’s difficult to achieve continuous delivery and high speed to market with legacy applications and monolithic architecture. Most of the modern DevOps best practices and CICD tooling is built for microservices environments. By modernizing applications, migrating to microservices architecture and a modern technology stack, companies can expect a 10x increase in speed to market.


Increase operational efficiency

When approaching application modernization, one of the goals is to automate all aspects of the end-to-end application delivery cycle, improve supportability by implementing autonomous application principles, and implement continuous efficiency to keep speed to market and quality high, while keeping infrastructure costs low.

Starter Kits

How does microservices platform work?

During the first phases of migration, we establish a microservices platform capable of hosting thousands of applications and services. The microservices platform automates all aspects of application deployment and lifecycle management, enabling autonomous microservice operations.

The platform assists with the complex task of migrating to microservices from legacy monolithic architectures. It provides development and SRE teams with a solid foundation to develop, package, test, deploy, and operate applications and services designed according to microservices architecture patterns.

Blue letters XS
A green letter S
A green letter M
An orange letter L
Red letters XL
a modern service or application currently hosted in containers and using a cloud-native technology stack, with a small set of integrations.
a modern service or application currently hosted in containers, using a non-cloud native persistence layer (DB).
service or application outside of containers, using non-cloud native persistence layer (DB).
a legacy service or application that uses a non-cloud native technology stack and needs heavy modernization or replatforming.
a legacy system that uses a non-cloud native technology stack and needs heavy modernization or replatforming.
move to cloud k8s and test.
replace DB with cloud-native DB, move to k8s, and test.
migrate to containers, replace DB with cloud-native DB, deploy in the cloud, and test.
replatform or migrate to a modern technology stack and k8s, replace DB with cloud-native DB, deploy in the cloud, and test.
analyze and decompose into XS-L applications.
2 weeks
4 weeks
8 weeks
12 weeks


We bring more than 10 years of experience in modernizing and renovating application portfolios for Fortune-1000 companies at the enterprise scale. We have achieved a 10x speed to market and efficiency increase by migrating legacy monoliths to microservices architecture, migrating to containers and the cloud, and implementing open-source-based cloud-native technologies that support thousands of developers working across thousands of apps and services.

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Accelerate your application modernization journey

We provide flexible engagement options to modernize existing legacy applications, strangle monoliths, and migrate companies to microservices, containers, and the cloud. Clients can take advantage of our microservices platform, service mesh, continuous delivery, and test automation Starter Kits to increase their speed to insights and reduce risks. Contact us today to start with a workshop, discovery, or PoC.

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