Fraud detection and prevention

Protect your applications, services, and operations from fraud using machine learning and decision automation. Our software provides real-time fraud analytics and prevention by integrating with your transactional systems and data streams.

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How our fraud detection solutions work

How our fraud detection solutions work
Risk evaluation and control
Our algorithms are design to find optimal trade-offs between false positive and false negative rates to minimize the effort spend on manual case review and investigation, minimize revenue losses, and reduce the impact on customer experience.
Wide range of algorithms for different use cases and industries

We are instrumental in building solutions that use or combine multiple algorithms for transaction analytics. We use deep learning algorithms to analyze non-aggregated event sequences and detect suspicious activities in early stages. This approach works bets for in-app and in-game fraud. We use graph-based machine learning methods to detect fraud patterns that span multiple entities or devices. This approach is typical for credit card fraud. We use anomaly detection algorithms when labeled transaction examples are not available.

Detection of rare events
One of the challenges with automatic fraud detection is a relative rarity of fraud events. We use specialized machine learning algorithms that handle rare events properly, and use the information about historical cases of fraud in the most optimal way.
Detection of classic and emerging patterns

Our solutions combine models that learn on large volumes of historical data and models that analyze ongoing data in real time. This approach helps to accurately detect classic fraud techniques, but also detect new patterns and types of fraudulent activities as they appear.

Introduction to Algorithmic Marketing
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We develop fraud detection solutions for several industries such as retail, video games, and insurance. For thee industries, we address use cases related to virtual currency fraud, credit card fraud, and insurance claims.
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Video Games
Many technology and video game companies face issues related to in-app and in-game fraud, virtual currency fraud, and other undesirable activities. We help them to detect and stop such activities using advanced data science methods.

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