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Measure true outcomes of pricing actions

Measuring the efficiency of pricing actions and decisions is a difficult problem because customer behavior is very sophisticated: customers can switch between substitutable items, stockpile products at reduced prices, and so on. The true outcomes of price optimization can be reliably measured only after all these factors are estimated using statistical analysis. Our pricing optimization platform can provide you with a competitive edge by precisely measuring various economic and behavioral factors.


Model market response with confidence

Predictive modeling is quite commonly used in price optimization software nowadays. However, the understandability and explainability of demand models remains a challenge for many. We invested years of research to develop efficient representations and visualizations of diagnostic information that can be easily comprehended by business users in both B2C and B2B industries.


Unlock dynamic price management

Dynamic pricing has been adopted by many leading companies, including Amazon, Walmart, and Groupon. Our solutions for dynamic pricing help to maximize profit in rapidly changing and competitive environments, including ecommerce websites and marketplaces such as Amazon. This price optimization in online retail platforms is one of the many benefits of our pricing optimization platform. These systems provide you with a pricing solution so that you can increase the performance of your business with ease.

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Analyze and optimize your product portfolio

Predictive analytics can greatly help with strategic analysis and optimization at the level of product lines, categories, stores, business units, and entire enterprises. It provides deep insight into how your product portfolio is moving in the space of key metrics such as margins and revenues, which helps to set the correct priorities, rationalize assortments, and choose between business strategies. The science behind our pricing optimization platform allows you to analyze many factors that are essential for designing a sound product portfolio, reducing cost, and increasing profits.


Differentiate your pricing strategies

Different market segments and product groups require different pricing strategies. Our data-driven solutions help you to choose between strategies such as high-low pricing and everyday low price at any level of granularity. They can also help you implement the right promotion strategy for different times of the year to solidify the customer experience and revenue generation so that the customers can be effectively targeted to ensure the business is profitable.


Deeply analyze what your competitors are doing

Big Data and statistical analysis can provide surprisingly deep insights into what your competitors are doing and what works well for them and what does not. By collecting and matching retail data about prices, discounts, and product availability across the market, we can measure the effectiveness of competitors’ actions. When your competitors run promotions, our system will know and can identify if you should do the same, thus helping to drive growth in your company, whether it be retail or manufacturing.

Pricing Optimization Starter Kits

How our software works

How our software works

External and internal signals

Pricing and promotion optimization are only possible with a wide range of internal and external signals and competitive data. Our pricing optimization platform achieves high accuracy via powerful data collection and management capabilities for first-party transactional and catalog data as well as via integrations with external data sources for competitive pricing data, public events, and weather.

Interpretable models

We are known for creating the most advanced forecasting models in the industry, but we also put major emphasis on making these models interpretable and providing comprehensive diagnostic information for business users. Ensuring that users deeply understand what the system does is critical for any price optimization software. The science behind our pricing optimization platform can be shown with various demos.

Advanced econometrics

We combine data science with specialized economic models to optimize various elements of the price waterfall for different categories of products, including replenishable or seasonal goods. Our models also account for a range of complex effects such as demand cannibalization, price perception, and inventory constraints. The intelligence factor of our pricing optimization platform is second to none, and we can implement a working solution within days.


We develop price optimization solutions for customers from many B2B and B2C industries, including retail, manufacturing, and video games.

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