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Measure channel and campaign efficiencies

We develop media mix models that measure the true contributions of channels and campaigns into traffic, conversions, and other business results. These models combine first-party data, external signals, market-level data, and general observations of the marketing teams to accurately gauge channel efficiencies and provide a scientific foundation for marketing optimization and marketing budget optimization. The technology of the platform allows for budgeting improvements while also increasing the productivity of lead generation and customer acquisition.


Understand what drives visits and conversions

Attribution is one of the most challenging problems in marketing data science. We create attribution models that combine customer data, prior knowledge of the marketing teams, and state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to provide reliable and actionable insights into the performance of channels and campaigns at different levels of granularity—from the overall conversion numbers to individual customers. Our omnichannel marketing analytics technology provides unparalleled insight into customer activity, thus helping to fine-tune all aspects of the marketing effort.


Optimize marketing spend

Attribution models and channel analytics provide a solid foundation for marketing budget optimization. Our tools add an optimization layer on top of the core attribution models, thus enabling what-if analysis and automatic budget reallocation. Our marketing analytics tools can help you optimize marketing spend in a few quick steps—evaluate our software platform, optimize your marketing spend on ads, and improve your overall performance in a matter of weeks.


Optimize ad bids

Bid optimization is a complex process that involves business objectives, budgeting constraints, inventory or service capacity, and other considerations. We create machine learning–powered bidders that can automatically optimize profits, maintain company ranking in the search results, or maintain certain inventory turnover. Our bid optimization systems take into account a wide range of data and signals, including conversions, marketing activity, seasonality, regional data, and more.

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How our spend optimization technology works

How our spend optimization technology works

Continuous learning

Our spend optimization solutions continuously correlate marketing activity parameters (such as sponsored search bids) with business outcomes and progressively learn the dependencies between them. The established dependency is used to optimize the activity parameters. Your ads could be shown on Google or Facebook, and we can still help with the management of the ads for optimal spend.

Smart experimentation

Parameter optimization in ever-changing environments requires testing and experimentation. Our algorithms optimize the exploration vs. exploitation trade-off and determine the optimal parameters with minimal overhead. Marketing models that explore the environment improve with the increasing amount of data that comes in from your business. Google Analytics can only do so much, and we can come in to take care of the rest.

Resource-aware optimization

Our bidding solutions can use the information from multiple sources such as inventory management and ERP systems to accelerate or decelerate advertising activities depending on the available resources and capacities.


We develop marketing optimization models and platforms for companies from many industries including retail, telecom, video games, and finance

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Accelerate the Journey to AI

We provide flexible engagement options to design and build your own marketing optimization solution. Contact us today to start with a workshop, discovery, or proof-of-concept (POC).

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