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Application modernization

Accelerate digital transformation by migrating applications to microservices architecture, containers, continuous delivery, and a cloud-native technology stack.

Starter Kits

PCF Kubernetes Migration Starter Kit
Grid Dynamics and AWS teamed up to create a cloud migration starter kit that enables rapid migration from Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) to AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). The starter kit includes all the "plumbing" that makes it possible to focus on business applications from day 1, while opening up additional time to revisit, fine-tune, or even replace some components as required later on.
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During the first phases of migration, we establish a microservices platform capable of hosting thousands of applications and services. The microservices platform automates all aspects of application deployment and lifecycle management, enabling autonomous microservice operations.

The platform assists with the complex task of migrating to microservices from legacy monolithic architectures. It provides development and SRE teams with a solid foundation to develop, package, test, deploy, and operate applications and services designed according to microservices architecture patterns.

What a modern service or application currently hosted in containers and using a cloud-native technology stack, with a small set of integrations. a modern service or application currently hosted in containers, using a non-cloud native persistence layer (DB). service or application outside of containers, using non-cloud native persistence layer (DB). a legacy service or application that uses a non-cloud native technology stack and needs heavy modernization or replatforming. a legacy system that uses a non-cloud native technology stack and needs heavy modernization or replatforming.
Plan move to cloud k8s and test. replace DB with cloud-native DB, move to k8s, and test. migrate to containers, replace DB with cloud-native DB, deploy in the cloud, and test. replatform or migrate to a modern technology stack and k8s, replace DB with cloud-native DB, deploy in the cloud, and test. analyze and decompose into XS-L applications.
Timeline 2 weeks 4 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks
Continuous Delivery Blueprint
Continuous Delivery Blueprint
This book is a comprehensive guide to building a robust and efficient change management process at scale.


We bring more than 10 years of experience in modernizing and renovating application portfolios for Fortune-1000 companies at the enterprise scale. We have achieved a 10x speed to market and efficiency increase by migrating legacy monoliths to microservices architecture, migrating to containers and the cloud, and implementing open-source-based cloud-native technologies that support thousands of developers working across thousands of apps and services.

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Why you need a microservices management platform and how to build it
In this article, we discuss the foundational technical capabilities that enable and power efficient application modernization. We discuss how to design a microservices platform and provide a glimpse into the Grid Dynamics platform Starter Kit.
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Avoid the monolithic release process when migrating to microservices
Many modernization programs fail to achieve their goals due to a number of common mistakes. One of them is leaving the monolithic release process when migrating to microservices. This article describes the best practices to detect and avoid this mistake.
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DevOps 2.0 is here, and it’s time to put end-to-end continuous delivery pipelines behind every project
Implementing end-to-end continuous delivery at the enterprise level has always been a challenge. It is a complex problem that requires simultaneous improvements across an organization’s structure, culture, application architecture, infrastructure and change management processes.
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