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We help business and technology leaders design and deliver marketing technology ecosystems that enable data-driven process and decision automation across all stages of the customer lifecycle:

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Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition requires integration with multiple channels, including paid search and display ads, acquiring data and segments from third-party providers, and developing attribution and channel-spend optimization models.

We help our clients to develop and implement marketing technology roadmaps that include demand-side platforms (DSPs), data management platforms (DMPs), data integrations, and AI-based optimization models.

Customer engagement

Modern customer engagement strategies require consolidating, managing, and analyzing customer data across multiple channels, personalizing content to improve user experiences, informing customers about relevant product features, and creating intelligent online services.

We help our clients to develop omnichannel customer data platforms (CDPs), integrate with leading digital asset management and marketing cloud products, and create advanced personalization and recommendation models using the latest machine learning technologies.

Customer success

Proactive customer success management and customer support requires a deep understanding of customers’ businesses and behaviors, the establishment of self-service capabilities, and the provision of operations teams with intelligent and convenient tools.

We develop customer data platforms (CDPs), call center optimization solutions, and conversational agents that help to efficiently accomplish the tasks above.

Customer retention

Customer retention is a critically important function for many businesses that requires analyzing and predicting customer churn, planning and executing retention campaigns, and personalizing retention offers.

We help media, telecom, and entertainment companies to improve customer retention using advanced customer analytics, marketing process automation platforms, and the creation of engaging experiences and products.

Product improvement

Marketing is important for customer engagement and retention, but having a great product is the true foundation of a successful business. Advanced analytics helps to deeply understand how customers use the product, which features they value, and how products, assortments, and prices can be improved.

We help our clients to develop product and price intelligence tools that improve their strategic market positioning and customer engagement.

What we do

We have an extensive expertise with all marketing technology components needed for client acquisition, growth, and retention. We design, implement, and run martech solutions for large and small companies, as well as consult business and technology leaders on martech strategies.

What we do


We develop marketing technology solutions for many B2C and B2B industries, including retail, telecom, video games, and finance.

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