Operational management

Transform your supply chain and manufacturing operations using cloud, IoT,
data, and AI.

We help operations, technology, and analytics executives improve supply chains and manufacturing processes using Industry 4.0 capabilities:

  • Collect sensor data from equipment and vehicles at scale
  • Automatically detect anomalies and predict failures
  • Quantify long-term manufacturing risks
  • Optimize supply chains using machine learning and forecasting
  • Optimize fleet and workforce utilization and costs
  • Consolidated data and tools

    Efficient operations are hardly possible without tools that provide a complete, accurate, and up-to-date view of the inventory, equipment, transactions, and other entities and processes. We help our clients consolidate data and develop internal services to efficiently monitor and manage all resources and activities across multiple channels, locations, and systems.

  • IoT and predictive maintenance

    The efficiency and reliability of manufacturing, maintenance, and IT operations can be significantly improved using data-driven methods. We help companies to collect IoT data at scale, monitor sensor and system metrics using anomaly detection algorithms, predict and prevent failures, and control the quality using computer vision methods.

  • Supply and production optimization

    The efficiency of supply chains and inventory management are among the top concerns for retail and manufacturing companies. We help our clients to make their operations more efficient, creating comprehensive demand forecasting, safety stock, and supply chain optimization models and tools.

  • Distribution optimization

    We help our clients to better understand their markets using quantitative methods that explain the dependencies between products, channels, and prices; optimize workforce deployment, vehicle fleet usage, and order sourcing; and build advanced B2B platforms that combine industry-specific features with B2C best practices regarding user experiences.

Our clients


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