Building blocks of modern search with AWS and Knowde

Wed, Dec 7, 2022 | 10:00 AM UTC
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The modern search revolution is upon us

About this event

The modern search revolution is upon us, and it’s centered around understanding and delivering on customers' needs, wants and desires through AI-powered, concept-oriented, taxonomy-based neural search. 

Leveraging open-source frameworks, deep learning models and a strong knowledge base, neural search provides personalized, relevant and intelligent results for even the most complex long-tail queries. Interested in best practices and expert implementation advice from leaders in the search technology field?

Tune in on December 7th to hear the latest developments and best practices related to Search and AI for Digital Commerce, as well as presentations from:

  • Knowde Co-founder and CTO, Wojciech Krupa, who will discuss Knowde’s semantic search solution implementation with Grid Dynamics;
  • AWS Opensearch Partner Lead, Francisco Gonzalez, who will talk about the future of open search and the AWS Opensearch platform; and 
  • Grid Dynamics Head of Search, Stanislav Stolpovskiy, who will showcase our new AWS Opensearch starter kit.



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