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Future of the Car Conference:

Are you prepared for the next step in automotive innovation? Join us at the “Future of the Car” event from May 7th to May 9th, 2024, at Sancroft at St. Paul’s in London.

Meet our Technical Consultant Berthold Puchta, who will be present to share insights and explore opportunities within the automotive sector. Dive into the technologies and business models defining the next era of automotive, and engage with industry pioneers using #FTCar.

How can we help?

  • Systems thinking & software foundations: Discover how our approach to systems-based thinking and robust software foundations is transforming EVs and HEVs
  • Scalable & secure technology platforms: Learn about our capabilities in crafting scalable, high-throughput, and secure platforms that enhance the reliability and performance of EVs and HEVs.
  • Beyond the vehicle–platforms & user experience: Explore how we extend EV and HEV platforms beyond traditional boundaries, emphasizing user experience and leveraging enterprise AI to create intuitive, integrated ecosystems.
  • Innovation through partnerships & AI: See how strategic partnerships and the use of AI and GenAI accelerate innovation in EV and HEV platforms, driving advancements in connectivity and electrification strategies.
  • Building for future sustainability & efficiency: Understand our focus on integrating electrification with sustainable infrastructure changes, highlighting the importance of digitization and AI in building efficient, resilient operations.

Rev Up & Dine

Wrap up day 1 of the ‘Future of the Car’ event with us at Libertine London on May 7th for an exclusive networking session. Join Grid Dynamics and partners from 19:00 for drinks and informal chats, followed by a private dinner from 20:00 – 22:00 to delve into the day’s highlights and forge new connections. Sign up now to secure your spot as space is limited! Please note your spot is reserved once you receive a confirmation email from us. 

Don’t miss the chance to meet with Grid Dynamics representative for insightful discussions on collaboration and innovation.

Convene, Sancroft at St. Paul's
Sancroft, Paternoster Sq, London, EC4M 7DQ
United Kingdom

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