Why Edge Computing Platforms are the Future: A Webinar

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In “Give Your Customer Experience an Edge,” you will hear experts from Cemex, CenturyLink, Intel, and Grid Dynamics talk why edge platforms are the future

About this event

Many traditionally brick-and-mortar institutions that have gone through some kind of cloud migration have come to the realization that a centralized platform in the cloud often suffers in quality and performance and doesn’t fit well with the modern omnichannel experience.

In this live panel webinar on “Give Your Customer Experience an Edge: Why Edge Platforms Are the Future,” you will hear infrastructure experts from Cemex, CenturyLink, Intel, and Grid Dynamics discuss why edge platforms are the future of the in-store and online customer experience.

You will learn:

  • Why companies are moving to the edge
  • Trends in the advancement of customer experience
  • How to build a hyper-personalized and modern omnichannel experience


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