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Key discussion topics included using data and AI to build brand trust, integrating AI with customer service, and driving loyalty through helpful personalization

About this event

Grid Dynamics Netherlands recently hosted a dinner event centered around “Generative AI: The challenges and opportunities around trust.”

Held at the enchanting Paardenberg restaurant in scenic Amstelveen, the event immersed participants in the pivotal theme of trust, coinciding with the riveting OpenAI boardroom drama that captivated audiences worldwide. The event was conducted on 16 Nov, with:

  • A diverse audience: Our gathering attracted a stellar audience from leading companies in Sporting Goods, Household Goods Retail, Logistics and Fulfillment, Digital Commerce, Legal & Tax Consulting.
  • An engaging environment: Set against the backdrop of delectable cuisine and exquisite wines, we fostered a dynamic debate about the future of technology, positioning ourselves as pioneers in an AI-themed future.
  • Inspirational insights: Mark Lister and Sumeet Singh, Grid Dynamics thought leaders in the field, shared compelling perspectives interwoven with stories and anecdotes from influential leaders worldwide. The discussions were not just informative but also set the stage for actionable plans in 2024.
  • An in-depth discussion: The agenda included discussions about leveraging data and AI to instill trust in your brand, evaluating synergies between AI and customer service, and how brands can be helpful (rather than intrusive) when using data to drive loyalty through personalisation.

Key insights explored

Participants explored several ground-breaking generative AI applications, including:

  • Efficient & personalized customer service: A global travel firm harnessed the power of a Super Chatbot, fine-tuned on anonymized customer service data, to simplify complexity, interpret rules in favor of the customer where it makes logical sense. It also identifies scams, routes calls to handlers – all while maintaining high customer satisfaction.
  • Code translation for modernization: Our collaboration with a global automaker, addressing the challenge of translating code from older languages to newer ones, was discussed. The structured process that transforms ossifying code into modern Java environments, leveraging additional tools, processes, and libraries for ongoing improvement, was explored.
  • Last-mile delivery optimization: Insights were shared as to how industry leaders like DHL achieved a 40% reduction in delivery costs through data analytics, optimizing routes and logical truck packing, using their “Wise Dynamic Optimization Engine”.

Explore firsthand how GenAI has the potential to revolutionize industries, from retailers, manufacturers and automakers to logistics, finance and pharma companies, paving the way for enhanced customer loyalty and operational efficiency: AI solutions: Pioneering the future of industry transformation

Success story

Discover how we enhanced product discovery with computer vision using AI to help redefine the workflow intelligence behind Product Search and Recommendations for this online Marketplace Retailer.


Join us for future insights

We’re committed to maintaining an enriching cadence of quarterly events, sharing learnings and experiences with esteemed, open-minded guests. Stay tuned for details about our next gathering.

As recognized by Forrester, Grid Dynamics stands among the leading AI Service Providers. We take pride in our partnerships with major cloud providers (AWS, Google, Microsoft) and leading AI/ML & data platforms. With 7 years of advanced AI implementation experience, our foundational competence spans sectors, contributing to the delivery of Enterprise AI/GenAI solutions for global clients.

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    Generative AI: The challenges and opportunities around trust

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