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Talk to Your Data: Can AI Unlock Business Intelligence for Your Teams?

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Join us on February 25th at 11 am PST/2 pm EST on conversation AI systems and business intelligence.

About this event

Today, most businesses are stuck digging through piles of unstructured documents to find the data and knowledge they need. This adds up to a frustrating amount of time lost on manual data mining.

Join Cisco, Pryon, USAA, and Grid Dynamics on Thursday, February 25 at 11AM PST / 2PM EST as they discuss how to save companies like yours from wasting valuable resources with the aid of modern conversational AI technologies.

In this live panel webinar you will learn:

  • How AI systems organize, memorize and retrieve data
  • How to connect the dots between data and business impact
  • How to increase productivity with automation in your team

Register now for “Talk to Your Data: Can AI Unlock Business Intelligence for Your Teams?” to hear the motivations, key use cases, and foundational capabilities that enable enterprise knowledge management and conversational AI systems.


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